OLD vs NEW DRIVERS – 14 year old Ping G10 versus a current G425

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TG Test Pro Neil Wain compares a 14 year old Ping G10 driver against a current G425.

Driver face spring has been limited by the rules of golf since 2008, so how can a modern day driver be any better? We compare two leading models, from their respective periods, for ball speed, backspin, carry distance, drop-off and dispersion.

01:08 – How driver design has changed over the last 14 years
03:04 – How driver performance has changed over the last 14 years
05:19 – Ball speed and distance comparison
07:30 – Drop-off and dispersion comparison

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Captain America says:

There's been several of these tests on other YouTube channels and I didn't want to believe the data. So I took my 2007 Cleveland HiBore XL driver to my local golf shop and asked their pro to hit it. Sure enough, a 1.48 smash factor drive at 110 MPH swing speed resulted in nearly identical ball speed and spin characteristics as the 2023 Srixon driver that's in the bag of the pro who hit it…… It'll be used drivers for me in the future that's for sure. I feel like such a sucker for paying $500+ for what has proven to be nothing more than fancy designs and good marketing.

Peter Martinaitis says:

If you can afford the £500 spend it on lessons not a new driver.

werealeyes says:

That g400 has been a die hard driver even for current pros. Bernhard Langer still has the G400 in the bag and Brooke Henderson only let it go just this year.

Guy Hall says:

Great video guys, as usual!!

Michael Shanker says:

9 yards… Considering I can find a Ping G10 driver for $20 at a yard sale, or spend $400 or more on a G425 – and a golf ball can make a 30 yd difference – I AM ALL SET with my G10

Rob S says:

I have the G425 LST and really like it. But, sometimes, I game an older Rapture and am surprised that my scores and distances are about the same. The difference is there’s a level of satisfaction in playing well or better with “older” technology.

Andrew Law says:

9yards is 10 paces walk. Forgiveness is impressive though

ChandlerBryan says:

How about learning to hit it in the sweet spot?

Ron S says:

Can’t go wrong with the stability of the G425…for distance, a lower lofted G10 would be closer in distance but not forgiveness.

Richard Brown says:

i have used both drivers on the video and am getting alot more distance and consistency on the G425

Brian Kinread says:

Would love to see a picture of the hits off the face so we can see how far off centre the hits were.

Robert Salazar says:

As always you really make sense on why players should upgrade their drivers

Stephen Plant says:

Why would Lee Westwood be playing a G10 driver as apposed to a newer Ping version for so long into his career ?

Andy66 L says:

Excellent video as always, thanks both👍

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