When Should You Upgrade Your Driver? | How Golf Club Technology Has Advanced

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When Should You Upgrade Your Driver? It's a common question the master club fitters at 2nd Swing answer every day. The technology in golf clubs, particularly in golf drivers, has advanced so far over the years that golfers who are playing an older driver are missing out on serious performance.

But why exactly should you upgrade your driver every few years? In this video, 2nd Swing master fitters Danny Ferrell and Larry Bobka discuss the many reasons why playing a modern driver is so beneficial compared to an older driver. In particular, Danny and Larry focus on how the technology, adjustability, and fitting capabilities have tremendously improved over the years in golf drivers.

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Robert Dragonette says:

I had a Callaway epic speed driver also tried the pxg0211 driver have since gone back to a 16 year old Taylor made r7 draw driver hitting the ball just as long and a lot straighter.

Tanner Cole says:

Homie is on one

Garrett Cole says:

When should you update irons?

Isaac Curry says:

Im running a 2012 RBZ driver. Would love an update but dont have the cash! Love this video though!

Shawn Smith says:

When to upgrade? I gotcha right here:
1. When your headcover doesn’t match your bag or clothes
2. When it smells funny
3. When it argues with your irons
4. When you start to hit it well
And finally….
5. When you pay for it using the money you saved by switching to Geico.

Soul-Taker says:

Adjustability is probably not useful for most people. My Driver is 20 years old, my reason for getting a new one is the face is quite small compared to modern drivers and I need all the help I can get to hit the ball. In saying that I'm going to persevere with it for a while to improve my game.

Furyio Streaming and Gaming says:

I’ve been humming and haughing eith my driver. I’m back to the game after a 8 year or so hiatus. Have a fitted Titleist 910D that I just crush. I might go for a fitting to see what I can get from something more modern. I think the no brainer is definitely the more forgiveness from mishits

Charles Courneya says:

what kind of watch is that? It looks so nice!

Jason Graham says:

You sound just like Chris Collinsworth

Max Caysey says:

Coukd we see some shot data on those two?

Dick Broomer says:

Hi loved the Video 👍👍 l enjoy listening to Larrys story’s but would want to see Danny to hit some shots to show the difference between the club’s, how much extra speed & distance we get with the Titleist Driver Thanks Dickey UK

MrAndyPhoenix says:

My 19 year old Cobra King still hasn't lost its pop

Michael says:

I would love to see a 2nd Swing Golf store tour, eye candy and I've seen nothing like yours in Australia. My fitting 4+ years ago was for a 2017 M1 driver and with the right shaft (and lessons) my spin was significantly reduced, shot shape improved gaining about 40 to 50 yards.

Jason Velez says:

TSi3 all day long. Complete smoke show. Dropped another 12g weight in the slider and it is like Thor’s hammer. 🙌👍✊🔥🙏💯

Ed Dietrich says:

No one ever talks about upgrading your club shaft.

Fluffyguy958 says:

Should be going on a trip to get fitted in a month or so. Currently gaming a Cobra F8 but looking for something more forgiving and less spinny.

Rob S says:

Hope to see the comparison video between these two drivers!

Christian Davis says:

I am just starting the process. After 14 years away from the game I have been playing my Callaway Hawkeye driver for the last year. I got a nice 279 drive last week so I am excited to start playing some demo modern drivers to help focus a fitting.

Captain Amazing says:

Went from a Nike Ignite to a Cobra Radspeed. That was neat lol.

KL says:

Gained 30 to 40 yds going from a G25 to TSi3. And I'm finding more fairways. The maxed out CT/COR is real.

jchtube says:

How would changing the weight at the back of a sims2 driver affect flight and playability?

Kym Stock says:

I agree on the adjustability of the Titleist clubs. I have TS2 &7 wood and 27 degree Hybrids and you can tune the ball flight shape / carry distance by playing with the hosel settings. I took up golf upon retirement and have been almost a different Driver per year, or less ( PowerBilt, Cobra F7, F8 , F9, Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo, Nike Vapor Speed) and now I have a new Cleveland Launcher XL. Like many golfers, I live a long way from a golf shop that offers facilities like yours, so I muddled through the process by myself. I fiddled with shaft flex, shaft length, head loft to find the ideal for me. Buying second hand Drivers is a more economic proposition. The new ones are only slightly longer than the old models ( a few yards), but the deciding factor for me was performance with the off centre strikes. My goal was to keep my tee shots in play and increase distance by 12 yards. The Launcher XL has delivered.

On another note, I came across Marcus Edblad 's You Tube channel and my Driving improved a lot with his tips. I had the chance to use my old F9 (post Edblad) and I was amazed how it had improved!! The fixed head Cleveland ( 12 degree/ slighlty closed face) helped me cure my push fade missed, but after a while my ball flight was too high. I have set the newer Cleveland to 10 degree, 2.5 degrees toe up and gained a more penetrating flight and 12 yards.

KMurf says:

Hey guys ty, Danny I love to see you laugh I can see you have a great sense of humor and Larry is very funny ,loving that part of the video, anyway I've been waiting for this video ,I always wanted to ask this question during other video but it really didn't have anything to do with what you guys were talking about, bottom line I'm fitted for a cobra F9 9 degree head with a very expensive shafe, Oban purple , very good setup, but I'm looking to get into a new 2022 toy , I'm leaning towards Taylormade Stealth, only because I've seen and heard the the sound and feel is Amazing and that's what I'm after!! Anyway Thank you guys great video !!

gjgjgjgj1100 says:

Hey guys, your team is the most informative group on clubs bar none. Great job as usual.

Svingit Golf says:

Had been nice to see a shot comparison between those two drivers.

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