PGA World Top 10 Driver Slow Motion Swings

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Just Watching Swing Can Help Your Golf Skill~!



최명호 says:


맹샷 says:

공통점 2가지
1. 척추각 끝까지 유지한채 몸이 아주 잘 돈다.
2. 오른팔꿈치 붙은채 인투인 다운스윙 궤도는 모두 같다

AM I says:

오른팔이 다 붙는구나

G Vbhkg says:


Richard Holly says:

Jon Rahm stops half way through his backswing and still bombs it… what does that say about the backswing?

Markus Hayes says:

Elegant foot Scheffler at the end.

nika feeq says:

So beautiful..

꼬클루 says:

손목 보잉이 대세다

Kclmnop says:

It looked like Hovland was playing in heaven

Ace묘 says:

로리는 진짜 완벽 그자체네

life changing rehab therapy / total body reset says:

Distance = pb rpm top spin for translation of distance to dip spin effect

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