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PING G410 LST Driver – THE BEST PING DRIVER EVER? PING have recently released their brand new for 2019 G410 range of drivers, woods, hybrids and irons… we now have a brand new one… the Ping G410 LST Driver, the low spin option for the g410 family and at the same time as the release of the brand new PING BLUEPRINT IRONS. Who is the ping g410 lst designed for? is it better players? is it mid handicap golfers? is it the best driver ping have ever made? how would it cope against other low spin drivers such as the Titleist TS3, COBRA F9, CALLAWAY EPIC FLASH SUB ZERO, MIZUNO ST190G, TAYLORMADE M5? lets find out… and lets do it now!


Jimmy Neale says:

I have this driver, and I absolutely love it!

leftyjcw says:

Just bought one! Havenโ€™t played it yet but the numbers were better than my Mavrik. Excited.

Kyle Jeffery says:

PING were pretty open about why this didn't come out at the same time as the G410 Plus. They weren't improving on the G400 LST, so they scrapped it and started over again.

We should all admire PING for that. Possibly the most honest brand in golf.

varment01 says:

No. G400 max. Way better.

Daniel Cohen says:

6:28 "I've regressed…no idea how or why, but…that's golf."
Best golfing comment for YouTube 2019, I think!
Great review, James. More content with you and Mark Crossfield, please!

Fred Garvin says:

I need to see a comparison vs g 400 LST before I buy!!

Quent MAURICE says:

I am going to wait for the G410 Max LSFT

Sir TogII says:

Apparently the reason it wasn't released until now was because they didn't see enough improvement compared to the G400 LST to merit releasing it. I think that's to be commended and not moaned about myself.

Nate Ross says:

Does anyone else have an unexplainable mental block when you think about Ping? For whatever reason, they just don't grab me.

Ken Oath says:

G400 Max is working great for me so I'm in no rush but I'm keen to try the G410 range. Personally I like the loud crack of a Ping it's a boomstick ๐Ÿ™‚

Graham Tibbot says:

I thought the TS4 was an April Fool ๐Ÿ™„

GWN says:

Thanks for the vid, nicely done as always. So is my summer treat to myself to be this Ping G410 LST or the Titleist T4? Oh dear what a quandary, lol.

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