BEST Golf Irons Of All Time – Golf Digest Hot List

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Best golf irons ever made according to a Club Fitter
This Top List is based on Personal Experience and Golfers' Reviews in the last
20 years since early 2000s….

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AmericanPatriot14 says:

Okay and what facts, data, testing results and numbers is this based on?? (I hope not your opinion…..)

Eddie Flickinger says:

VR Pro II’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Serenity in silence says:

Callaway x20’s are a better overall iron than the big berthas. They are both pretty similar, but the x20’s are just so much more forgiving. They were such a good iron that even now, top golf uses the head design for their available clubs to hit at their range. That means a large number of beginners first irons they hit might just be the x20’s.

John Deli says:

The Top 3 might be true but some irons are just plain average….

David McTurd says:

What do you guys think of the Callaway XR irons?

Rachel Love says:

nike made good clubs for weekend golfers. Even Pres Obama plays with nike covert irons.

Bob Enriquez says:

Not a single Titleist?

TGO 88 Golf Channel says:

Note that these irons are picked based on our REAL LIFE experience in 15 years of playing golf. This list is not based on opinion alone…. leave your comments below…. Thanks for Watching!

Veteran Patriot says:

Excuse Me but the Callaway Apex CF 19 and 21 are the ONLY 2 Sets in the History of Golf Digest to recieve a PERFECT ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Star rating in EVERY Category. THAT'S #1

jetdr says:

Hope this is just an opinion video!!

Ronaro Golf says:

The Top 3 are probably the best of the best….

SadMcBain says:

Hey whaddya mean ‘even a 30 handicap can hit it’!

PolarSeltzer says:

I liked the info but kind of drawn out.

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