I test the old Ping G10 Iron against the New 2019 Ping G410 iron to see what the differences there have been in the last 10 years of technology.

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22 thoughts on “OLD CHEAP PING G10 VS NEW EXPENSIVE G410 – (Golf)

  1. I got a set of the G10's new in my early 20's after graduating from college. Still have them play with them. I got them in 08 or 09 I believe. Would like to get a newer set but have no idea what direction to go. My dads college roommate owned a golf store and he was the one that sold me the G10's. Always like the dot with the Pings to have a general idea of which clubs fit me best. In the G10's my irons are a green dot.

  2. I have set g2 and 1 Club L wedge in g10 which I love compared to the g2 but don’t know if I should buy full set of g10 or splurge on g425 , have not played in 14 years so it’s a risk to spend that kind of money unless there is a huge benefit, after watching this I’m leaning towards g10, nice video

  3. Great video Simon, very helpful as I'm looking for some irons on a budget. I currently use eye 2s green dot but think I should have blue or possibly black as shots go left, I'm a 28+ at the moment but used to play off 11 back in the 90s looking at S57 or G30.

  4. Being old and disabled I have trouble getting height on my irons, tried all the new models but have gone back to older pings, Raptures, G10 & G25 seem easier to hit and get up and at my swingspeed no loss of distance [and the stop on the greens, which I found hard with the strong lofted clubs]

  5. As soon as I saw that you were English I knew how this review was going to be. You just showed photos and pictures of both but you never get around to actually testing them. Blah blah blah

  6. Hi

    Nice comparison. Do you anticipate the difference in distance between would be significantly less with slower swing speeds? I am 65 with pretty slow swing speed of around 67mph with 7 iron. Interested in your thoughts!!!

  7. What happened to smashing balls on the range and seeing if you like the clubs and feel, no it's all spin rate, spin rate, spin rate and having clubs that go the farthest, probably why I have up because technology is ruining what should be a enjoyable game

  8. How can they sell these as longer clubs because it’s new, but then the loft is different. False advertising. My 65 degrees 3 iron just doesn’t go very far.

  9. Hey bud, I love your videos. I'm 53 re-starting golf, after 15 years off. 25 handicap, 92 club head speed (driver), and I'm all over the place. I have to protect my lower back, what clubs would you suggest? I need ALL the help I can. Thanks.

  10. I took off from golf for about 10 years and decided to pick it back up. I’m my mind I needed to replace my 13 year old but great shape complete set G10’s, thanks you just saved me at least $1,000

  11. My grandfather bought me a set of ping i3 blades, and added new shafts and gripes. However, I was curious, when watching this video, how the weight in the back of the i3 compares to others like it?

  12. Nothing mentioned about the hydropearl finish reducing drop off in wet conditions , one of the few bits of tech I actually feel is quite effective and not all hype

  13. After reading and watching tons of reviews like this, I bought a set of G25s for $330 when I started playing again in 2020, rather than buy new. The G10, 15, 20, G Max or any Ping G series iron would have worked just fine, and I do love these G25s. I still have my full set of Zing 2s as well. I just wanted something new (to me). Ping makes such great irons, and has for a long time.

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