14 thoughts on “Ping Have Made The SHOCK Best Driver of 2024… REALLY!?

  1. Went and tested the top driver offerings (Qi10, AI Smoke Max, Dsrkspeed X, and G43010k) and wanted to like the Smoke and Darkspeed more. But the Ping ended up being the winner for me, the turbulators even grew on me. Found it to be surprisingly hot, even with range balls was easily reaching the 155-160mph threshold.

  2. I have an old Ping diver (G30) but I think I will get fitted with the 10k model at Golftown in Canada based on your videos. Thank you James. ????????????????

  3. I was gaming a G430 Max and was skeptical until I tried the 10k. Better feel, sound, and amazingly forgiveness and distance. I really did not think there would be that much of a difference. I was wrong.

  4. I traded up for this last week. I'm absolutley NAILING this thing. Out of 4 dozen shots, I pulled 2 left as hooks (when I miss, I miss left because I have a tendency to close my face on my downswing). The other 46 balls started left and then moved directly to the middle of the fairway. These numbers, plus the additional yards I'm getting from this, tells me that the face is adapting to my strikes, and I've never seen anything like this. Quite possibly the best driver I've ever hit. So, if you have some extra clubs you aren't using, and want a really happy driver experience, upgrade to this.

  5. no need, if im hitting my cobra ltdx 280 straight as an arrow, why change?
    concentrate on 170 yds in to the flag and putts where it all counts
    thx for the vid jimmy

  6. I live in Canada and the cost is 800. Never thought I'd ever see a single golf club let alone Ping for that price. I quickly feel back in love with my 4 year old Taylor Made. ????

  7. This isn’t that helpful. None of these video are.
    Is there any video out there of an everyday golfer, not a YouTube pro, testing out the new Ping G430 10k driver? I'm particularly interested in a side-by-side comparison where someone uses their current driver and then switches to the G430. Most reviews I've come across feature pros who, understandably, can make any club look good. The G430 is marketed for its forgiveness and suitability for higher handicappers, yet I'm struggling to find content that demonstrates this from an amateur's perspective. While professional insights are valuable, they don't quite capture the club's impact on the average player's game. If anyone has stumbled upon such a video, I'd really appreciate a share! I’m we will get this one it’s released to the mass but all the videos out there aren’t really that helpful.

    To me, that would be a huge selling point. Amateur steps up and slices or hooks 4 of 5 shots. Then picks up 10k and hits 4 of 5 relatively straight. That’s the video that would help. If that type of change isn’t obvious, then the club prob isn’t worth it.

  8. I have the G430 Max and love it. I said I was going to keep it in the bag. And your video is the third video I’ve watched on the 10K Max and I’m considering it now. So thanks for that…haha but seriously I just need to get my hands on it and hit it and decide if it’s worth it.

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