1998 Golf Driver VS 2018 Golf Driver (20 Year Test)

Rick Shiels tests the Ping Tisi Tec Driver from (1998) against the latest Ping G400 Max Driver (2018) on GCQUAD

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16 thoughts on “1998 Golf Driver VS 2018 Golf Driver (20 Year Test)

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  2. The angels are clearly not the same even though he set them, and the 1998 is actually hitting higher. There’s no conclusion to be actually made.

  3. Awesome. You've captured my interest with this one cause I got a couple old clubs in the bag. They just work for me, I don't wanna replace them. My XHot is coming on 6 years old. I crush with it ?

  4. Yet, you didn't declare your longest drive.
    Forgiveness is for your religion. I want to know which club hits further when you hit the ball dead on. It looks like the older club has higher club speed. The fact that the absolute numbers were not discussed, instead averages were, which are absolutely useless information when you are dealing with a golfer who doesn't normally use these clubs, indicates that the smaller head, when hit well delivers more punch and can hit the ball further.

  5. IIRC USGA said in 2018 that amateur driver distance had maxed out in 2005, went down some, and was almost up to 2005 level in 2018. There had been a large jump from the mid 90’s to 2005, so most of the increase
    Sheila sees seems to have occurred before 2005.

  6. I wanted to say that golf equipment is no different than muscle building supplements especially the way they’re marketed. But I just think that only pros know the slight differences in the newer technology of golf equipment. Us weekend golfers should focus on getting the fundamentals down before we start talking about wanting the “new and best thing out.”

  7. £30 second hand club vs £300 new club. New one is marginally better. But not better enough to justify 10x the price. So buy or keep the old one and invest time in practice and or lessons is the take away here.

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