8 BIGGEST Mistakes When Buying A Driver

Buying a driver can be a tricky decision but there are some things you can try to avoid. Here are the 8 biggest mistakes I see golfers make.

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00:00 Guide To Buying a New Golf Driver!
00:12 Should I Buy a New Driver?
02:24 Should I Buy a Second-Hand Driver?
04:12 Are Expensive Golf Clubs Worth It?
05:40 Should I Get Fit For My Driver?
06:31 Should I Use a Tour Spec Driver?
07:35 Which Company Makes the Best Driver?
08:40 What Type of Driver Should I Buy?
09:32 Will A New Driver Make a Difference?

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27 thoughts on “8 BIGGEST Mistakes When Buying A Driver

  1. I love TaylorMade clubs but was never paying 500 quid for the stealth 2 to fall apart. Paid 200 for the m4 and love it, spend the rest of much needed new wedges so win for me ????

  2. I started with Persimmons long ago. Today an old Taylormade R-580xd seems to be enough for me today. I realize most of the time I am the problem! A new driver isn't going to fix old troubles!

  3. i don't think i would mind buying a used driver head, the only one that i would be afraid of buying used is the TM stealth line, i have a swing speed upwards of 117mph and have already exploded one stealth and it was a clean hit, im afraid they are still a very fragile design and would be afraid of buying one second hand because any mishit might damage the integrity of the club, all others as long as theres no sky marks i think would be fine

  4. I'm like most Americans and wait a couple year's to purchase the driver I want, not too many of us can afford a 400 or 500 dollar driver or woods ????????????????

  5. I had the old titleist 905T in your picture, it's maybe a 15 year old driver. Recently moved to a Taylormade Sim2 Max, decided to get new (300) and not the new stealth 1 or 2 (due to the breakage issjes you mentioned) . I can't believe the difference in forgiveness, absolutely amazing! As you say, no point in upgrading every few years, the technology doesn't change. So I'd recommend getting a new driver that's an older model

  6. I use a PXG 0211 which isn’t anything super fancy but the numbers compare to the best on the market and it didn’t break the bank. I love it.

  7. I think the biggest thing we NEVER talk about when purchasing new clubs is shafts. I used to be a pretty tidy golfer but after almost 20 years out of the game there is a lot of work to do. I have recently had my first brand agnostic paid fitting. What a mind blowing experience. The amount of data you can get these days is phenomenal. I tried to be as deliberately brand agnostic as possible, but shafts played a massive part in which clubs I felt most comfortable with and have subsequently purchased…But shafts never get talked about!

  8. Love the content very informative also for getting secondhand clubs custom fit Callaway preowned seems to be a really good deal. I had good luck ordering a older model from them and they lengthened it and put a new grip on it for me for only 16 bucks. Plus it’s nice that it comes with a one year warranty.

  9. On that last point, I would say your point about getting fitted for your new driver & making sure that you're gaming a driver that fits your swing & is setup properly for you can make a big difference in your game if you're coming from a secondhand set or beginner full bag type set. I just got my first proper driver recently–a PXG Gen4 0811XF (on closeout since I'm too cheap to spend $300+ on one club) w/ a ProjectX Cypher shaft in Stiff flex & oversized grips–and it has certainly made a big difference in my game off the tee.

  10. The longest driver I ever hit, was a tiny headed metal wood, with a steel shaft : 320 yards carry!!!!
    It was the original Taylormade burner 10 deg.
    I've hit many modern drivers, but they all go 275 yards.
    Maybe it's down to aerodynamics?

  11. Getting fit for a driver and putter drastically helped my golf scores. Accuracy off the tee went way up and the consistency of my putting was clearly better.

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