2024’S MOST UNDERRATED DRIVER! // The Real 10k Driver to Finally Fix a Slice!

Today, Ian and Mikey are in the bay to test out what Ian believes to be the best and most adjustable driver of 2024!

CANADA: https://bit.ly/41mBbmg
USA: https://bit.ly/3TtgSli


Club Champion: https://bit.ly/48iAyMH
Ian Fraser: https://bit.ly/48jglq1
Mike Martysiewicz: https://bit.ly/48hejGR

Filmed at: Club Champion Toronto
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

23 thoughts on “2024’S MOST UNDERRATED DRIVER! // The Real 10k Driver to Finally Fix a Slice!

  1. I did it on my Ping G430 10K….upright all the way to 8° from my standard 9°. I did it by using a "left handed adaptor with "+1° Flat" setting which translates to "-1° Upright" for a right handed driver…..gold.

  2. Hey guys, I would like to see a video that demonstrates the difference of moving weights from heel to toe and back middle if that makes sense. I think there’s some confusion as to what the differences when you move a weight around the club head and what the results are.

  3. I say do the 10k bracket and throw in the BRNR Mini just to see if a guy like Mikey who struggles a little with driver does with it compared to other forgiving heads.

  4. Finally! I am a person with only a 96 mph swing that has to use an 8° driver due to adding loft at impact. I know changing my swing would be an ideal correction, but at 56 yrs it isn't likely to happen to be honest. The ability to get a more forgiving head in a 8 degree loft is a bloody God send for me. Any mishit with my current triple diamond smoke leaves my spin rate extremely low and knuckly. I will be searching out a place I can try this head.

  5. That ball flight off the 8 degree head looks awesome for our tradewinds in Hawaii. Now I’m more disappointed that your and my travel schedules didn’t align for a Mississauga fitting this spring. Will allow me time to build a more consistent swing when I am able to travel north for a fitting.

  6. I just got the Black Ops in 9 degree. After seeing this, im wondering if i should have got the 8 to get my spin down. Hitting about 3500

  7. Mikey, get that left side more stable. That will improve your ball striking immensely, as well as your ability to then turn the ball over with ease. Great job guys!

  8. awesome video Ian. the weight positions on the standard black ops are great. my old me would run and do the PXG challenge vs. my TSR3 but after averaging a new driver every 1-2 years over past 10 years i just have to say nooo. ????. my TSR3 will stay in my bag for a few more years!

  9. Ian hi. From South Africa and would love to come and have fitting with you, but would need to sell a kidney to get there. ????
    I am just short of 55 and play off scratch. Swing speed is about 95mph. Been playing with Sim 2 Max for a couple of years now and hit it pretty straight. Had various shafts in and am using a Speeder 40g stiff at the moment. My numbers range at about 16 launch and I get the ball out about 240 to 250 meters. No matter what I have tried regarding drivers and shafts my spin remains low at 1800 to 2000. I am sure if I could get it up to around 2500 I would get some more distance. Any ideas for me? I am aware that you are running a business and this is not a free for all, but should you care to take any time answering this it would be appreciated. Regards Shaun

  10. This does not sit right with me. The gamer has been fitted and in the bag. These guys have access to all the tech and your telling me the PXG just beat his previously fitted gamer by 20 yards carry and 30 yards total distance. So how poorly fitted was he set up on his gamer?? Something is totally off here. Most good players would be happy to find an extra 5 yards.

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