PLAY BETTER GOLF know your miss

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PLAY BETTER GOLF know your tendencies
Australian PGA Professional Alan Staines & Avid Golfer Steve “RICHO” Richardson talk about how you can play better golf without actually getting better. Know your miss and play with what you have

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mark Sushi says:

Slice slice slice, then starting around the 13th hole bigger slice bigger slice, then around 16th hole lost ball, out of bounds, ask buddy for a ball then beer.


How do you recognize your tendency without having a negative attitude? Thinking about it makes it more likely to happen. Like the format of this video

Scott Hausler says:

I tend to buy the Yumi brand hommus over anything else. Pound for pound the best quality

Scott Timmins says:

My biggest issue is i know my tendencies but i keep telling myself i can overcome that on this one shot. For example, i tend to play a fade but then i will come to a hole that suits a draw from the tee. I know i can play draws on command a lot of the time but put under a little pressure i tend to hit them straight or block cut in that situation. I know i should just play to strengths and hit shorter instead of taking it on, but i talk myself into the fact that i can pull it off, which sometimes i can. But a lot of the time it ends up worse. Apart from taking on shapes that i shouldn't my biggest weakness is leaving putts very short. It has lways been my biggest putting weakness and hurts my scores. Doesn't happen every time i play but when it creaps in, it is in a big way

Ken Lightfoot says:

My bad shot tendency is with driver a pull to the left! I often swing out to in causing the pull. I have found also if I have the driver face slightly open it helps to keep me straight.

Stephen Adams says:

Interesting video. My tendencies are this:

Driver: tee position tends to creep back in the round. Add to my striking down on the driver and I end up with very low shots and lose a lot of distance due to this.
3 Wood: I tend to go from a nice draw to a massive hook.
Hybrids: Nice off the tee but very low ball flight off the deck.
Irons: Tend to go from draw to hook towards the end of the round when I'm getting tired.
Wedges: Usually pretty ok but occasionally will hit them fat.
Putting: More often than not finish short of the hole.

J-dog says:

After playing 5 rounds of golf in a week I realised I constantly struggled with about 70 – 80m out, chips into the grain around the green, my drives go bad when I get to close to the ball, I tend to aim to much to the right also Al, hitting my irons fat behind the ball alot. I rush my putts which leads to missing short putts Hmmmm maybe I just really suck at everything at golf haha ah well at least i have heaps of fun. Lucky I love working on getting better at it helps

Kane Maytom says:

Par 5s kill me. Try to overhit and end up with a high right shot every time. Drivers and irons.

Craig Alexander says:

Swing too hard off the tee and slice it or stand too close and drag it left. Knife the chips and putt like the hole is twice as far as it is. Lucky I like playing golf with my mates and it only takes a few good holes a round where I don't overthink everything and go with the flow.

Charles henry Smith says:

I was going to put mine down but max c summed it up for me. My pet hate is blading wedges from 80 or 90 out after 1 or 2 good shots

Steve Lander says:

I kind of do, but I sometimes find it hard to trust my tendency or miss because my strike/swing isn't consistent enough. For instance, I have a tendency to miss my irons left, but can quite as easily miss right, so it makes it hard to trust the left Miss and aim right to compensate. It is something I've been working on though ?

Malcolm Roberts says:

The main tendency I have is rushing the tempo of my swing. That leads to an out of control swing which gives me a strong push/fade with my driver and either hitting fat or thin shots with my irons. So currently I’m working on a longer slower swing to a tempo of “one hundred and one”. Now I just need to remember that especially after a bad shot. Great video again guys.

Max.c says:

I tend to do the following:

Driver: I tend to get stuck behind it
Irons: cut it too much
Wedges: blade it
Chipping: blade it
Putting: push it

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