Stereotypes: Golf

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Here are the different types of golfers you will see on the golf course. You will recognize some of your golf partners in this golf stereotypes video.

Here are the different types of golfers presented in this video:
– The Guy Who Talks To His Ball
– The Gimme Guy
– The Always Lies About His Handicap Guy
– The Lucky Guy
– The Guy Who Drives 300 Yards… With Absolutely No Short Game
– The Unsolicited Swing Advice Guy
– The «Pre-Mature» Good Shot Guy7
– The 6-Hour Long Golf Round Guy
– The Drunk Guy
– The Guy Who Makes Golf Interesting
– The Guy With The Hopeless Slice

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This video was shot on these cameras : Sony A7S II, Canon T3i, Gopro Hero 4 Black.


Zdeno Chara says:

I am the guy with the hopeless slice

Jesper Lehman says:

Fucking losers cant even make your own videos

King Coaster says:

I would do mr ballwasher

Quad Squad says:

What golf course is this

YaBoyAidy says:

Does anyone see that on the lucky guy hits the shot the clip ends with no finish of golf swing but when it goes back he is finishing.

goliath yeti says:

Im the hopeless slice

Philip Mercado says:

Im the one with the hopeless slice lmao

Leo Mackay says:

4:19 he broke the glass bottle

fan hiT says:

at the guy who makes golf interesting I was tearing up :')!

Shaun Goosen says:

what a load of shit

BoraisLovE says:


Olly Humphreys says:

Highest handicap is 45 any way

Olly Humphreys says:

A handicap of 72 or 104 is fucking shite

Olly Humphreys says:

First guy is shit

CoolCamVlogs says:

I like the way they talk

ApplePie Gaming says:

5:05 ah fu??

GoPro Bros says:

Subscribe to me

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