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Funiest Golf Video on Youtube?

Harry Flower Golf takes on Europes longest drivers at the American Golf Long Drive Championship in Milton Keynes

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I had a small chuckle

TheSnuggleupagus says:

No idea what the hell I just watched……but I LOVED IT!!

Benoit ! says:

just called an ?

dv4lufc77 123 says:

Class video

chris L says:

Seems like a jealousy thing if anything since he has hundreds of thousands of followers and you have like 10k lol

Rob P. says:

hahahaha does Harry have a beef with Crossfield?

dyaneir says:

Just in case Flower. Just in case

cafedeltransit says:

He missed the f**kin fairway????

Suzy Florida says:

Hysterical!! What an ending!!

CJ says:

Honestly flower, how much you want for some new trousers lol

James Wiltshire says:

Best video you've ever done

Gavin McBride says:

When do I laugh?

Paul Thomason says:

Stick to trying to improve your golf and keep off the "funny Videos" it doesn't work and your golf needs a lot of improving

Jacob Poole says:

Not gonna lie I wasn't looking at the screen at the start of the video and I thought I accidentally clicked on a Crossfield video XD

simon George says:

What did I just watch?

Beach Fraser says:

Did you get your Quali round  vlogged?

Bonvo Plays says:

3 minutes 58 secs………….

Leonardo Cataldo says:

Open Q, news?

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