Play the Best Golf of Your Life…This Simple Swing Thought Completely Changed My Game

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This simple golf swing thought completely changed my game for the better and made the golf swing so much easier for me. When I discovered this golf swing key, everything changed – my ball striking improved, I started hitting straighter shots, I was hitting the golf ball much farther – it felt like you couldn't miss, like your golf swing was automatic.

I had been keeping this golf swing tip secret for years because it was my secret weapon – it always worked for me. Then as I started teaching it, I found out this swing thought was working amazing things for other golfers too!

It all comes down to how you get the club – hands – arms – and body – working together. If your arms and hands are out of sync with the body, your golf swing and ball striking will suffer. Having a connected golf swing is the key to ultimate consistency. That's just the beginning though…this swing thought adds in all the power you need (the sugar and spice and everything nice) to get that ball flying powerfully straight right down the middle of the fairway.

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I am Tom Saguto, PGA Member and founder of SagutoGolf. Thank you for visiting my instructional page where you can find how to get on the fast track to improving your golfing abilities. Whether you are a seasoned golfing veteran looking for a quick swing tune-up after an on-course emergency, or a beginner just looking to get the most out of your golfing experience, I am here to help you achieve your golfing goals.

My mission as your swing doctor is simple, to help you maximize your enjoyment in game of golf. Because, let’s face it, golf is a hard game.

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My philosophy is wholly based on the student having a fun, meaningful experience in a frustrating and complicated game where potential lifelong golfers either quit because it is too difficult or that they experience some form of swing-related pain or discomfort. I mitigate these problems by focusing entirely on the student’s needs and goals while teaching a golf swing method that ultimately takes stress off of the common pain areas of the swing.


SagutoGolf says:

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Mike Honcho 3 says:

The 50 second mark is what changed my golf game!

Nick Hatzistefanou says:

I see you changed your grips to the jumbo max. How do you like them and why did you switch. Maybe do a video on your equipment. Keep up the great videos.

DASH1ful says:

often we roll the wrists etc. because we don't have the flexibility in the arms. and, really our main focus has to be to fully flex the muscles in the left side of the right forearm. and, that has to be a key component to completing the backswing.

Gary Greenwood says:

Tom.. Loving your channel and the tips and lessons, I feel like this will be a long process to rebuild a 25 year old swing with bad habits ingrained.. My question is I have now installed a home simulator to practice everyday, BUT I cannot hit off a mat with any consistency. 1 shot is good 3 are fats 2 are tops etc etc… how are you crushing it off the mat every shot??? , is there a good technique to follow???


If I can have my swing look half as good as yours by spring I'll be happy Tom! Still having issues with my hands getting too fast or body too slow not sure which, my sync or timing is off! Great video Tom!

Dan Ackermann says:

Every day a new SECRET!!??

Tim Lupien says:

Tom: When keeping my weight forward on my left side (right handed golfer), where do I tee my driver at?

gazstaf says:

Just had my best round for a very long time.. (with very little practise.
Except for a couple of mental errors and a few missed putts could have been sub 80.
.Awesome tee shots great irons some classy chips..I wont bore you with details BUT……Tom is the real deal….. let's see if my next round is better

Robbie says:

Pounding those 7 irons!

Donaven Zendejas says:

Tom you should make another golf vlog and thank you for this lesson

Leo Vega says:

Tom , this is so helpful. I have been coaching my son and helping him with his takeaway. I have the Total Golf Trainer and it is absolutely the best training aid I have ever used. It’s flexible training rod can shape into so many settings. I have never seen it used this way and is genius!!! 👍🏽⛳️🥸 I am so going to try it with with my son and will use it for myself as well! Thanks 🙏🏽 keep up the great videos- and if you come out with any other ways of using the Total Golf Trainer 👊🏽 definitely would love to see more!

TrillTate229 says:

You’re the best teacher on g

Ralph Smith says:

I'm in Michigan can't wait till spring. 🇺🇲🇺🇲⛳⛳⛳

kari eliasson says:

How fast/lose are you holding the club in fingers or wrist ?

Richard Allison says:

I stumbled across your vids last winter, and took a peek out of curiosity. The more I watched, the more I bought in. It's similar to one I found several years ago, but with some game changing variables. Once I committed to your methods (and teaching style 😏) and REALLY worked on them, my ball striking gained a level of consistency unbefore realized! I'm now age 70, and re-energized to the game I love.

I'm a believer…thanks Tom…this geezer appreciates what you do!

Jason Versetti says:

It’s like you read my mind on this one. I was just looking up tips on the takeaway. The feel you provided really helped out it together. Can’t wait to practice! Thanks for sharing Tom

Paul Metzger says:

Tom sends us another gem! By far the best swing instructor on YouTube. Cheers!

Peter Sanders says:

Great video Tom. If we can't have lights on the Xmas tree perhaps you could consider a bit of tinsel.

Mark Mixer says:

Have been working on this with really good success so far, great tip

Kelly Gotell says:

Hey Tom, I had subscribed to your guitar lessons years ago, I bought sweet home Alabama song from you. I can’t access it in your website now because my email address changed from when I moved. How can I change my email on your website? It won’t let me sign in without n’a valid email address. My old address is gone, cancelled

Justin Peterson says:

I find if you get that first SHOULDER turn, get em turning IN, on the takeaway, everything else kind of falls into place, like dominos.
Turn the shoulders
Turn IN
Turn to TILT position

Neil King says:

Hi Tom. Loving the videos. I am 67 years old playing off 6 mostly thanks to your videos . One question. Are using jumbo grips on your irons?

TeddyCavachon says:

Great tip. Here’s an additional insights I discovered from duplicating Hogan.

He squared his back foot and moved hips, shoulders and hands together in his takeaway because the hips abruptly reaching the limit of travel will trigger the reaction which causes the club head mass to rotate the lead arm and hinge the wrists. He kept hands in front of body by always gripping club in air with bend elbows then lowering then pushing down with trail hand which counter-rotates arms and pulls them down into tight V against ribs to the point you literally can’t move the hands independent of shoulder turn in the takeaway.

The bigger picture goal is to get the club head mass in the ideal spot in 3D space at the top of the backswing (e.g. club shaft parallel over heels) so it can be pulled back down on the ideal balanced path. If swinging with hips/shoulders/hands adjusting the flare angle of the back foot more or less from the 90° baseline can be used to literally “dial in” the position of the club head at the top to compensate for day-to-day or even mid-round differences in flexibility.

I like to stand with sun behind me when taking practice swings so I can see from my shadow where the shaft and club head wind up at the top. On the first tee I’ll usually need to flare the back foot open a bit to get shaft parallel and club head mass positioned ideally. As the round progresses and I loosen up I will adjust the back foot flare as needed to get the club head to the ideal waypoint at the top. The foot angle changes as needed to keep the club head position at the top consistent. 😊

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