26 thoughts on “This Is The BEST Forgiving Hybrid I've EVER TESTED…

  1. I just got the GEN 6 XF 3 Hybrid and I love it. It has a mid launch and muted sound off the face and it's just a premium club. I wish PXG didn't go away from the matte finish on top with the Black Ops. I don't like the shiny finish as much. Maybe one of these days I'll end up with the new one. Thanks for the review.

  2. Wish PXG would come up with new names or monikers for their products. It’s a maze to me and perhaps I’m alone in this.
    I’ve been gravitating to Mizuno products as of late and I know I fall into the JPX category not MP. From there the products are delineated simply by name or number.
    I feel like I’m studying family genealogy trying to sift through these PXG products and for what it’s worth I’ve owned a set of them.
    On a brighter note always enjoy your content.

  3. Great video James, thank you. I just bought the 22 deg and really like it when hitting in a simulator — very forgiving. Excited to try it on the course.

  4. Doesn't look to have that consistency you spoke about,seems a lot of dispersion,front to back green can be 40-50 yards and not a stopping power at all????????????

  5. Saying that you don't want to have a three wood that goes 250 yards and that you don't need that is up there with the stupidest statement I've ever heard on YouTube… For a shorter driver like you to say you don't want a long fairway wood is ludicrous, opting for something that goes 225-230 means your consistently you will be way short on every Par 5!! Is it possible you don't know that distance is what separates handicaps in golf!.. you can practice your short game all you want but you won't consistently beat someone who has a huge distance advantage on you all other things being equal…

  6. Have you forgotten the TM Sim2 hybrid. A couple years old, Iron like shape, carbon head, long, consistent and forgiving. PXG looks a lot similar.

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