Practice Seve’s Short Game….Inside!

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The Play Inside Series is all about how you can improve your golf game without ever leaving the house!! In this fourth video we look at how to practice the short game inside. This video includes how you can practice Seve’s pitching and chipping technique to use the club’s bounce angle.

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David Wilson says:

shallowing your swing with the standing against the wall drill has helped me massively (not in this video). I now have a trigger when on the tee box to how to replicate it. thank you 🙂

hasosmirza says:

Brilliant brilliant series of videos pete thank u

mark hodgson says:

Season start,??? Never ended at NEWBIGGIN

David Thomson says:

@peter what travel bag do you use?

Mark Bailey says:

Tee is that OK

Jose Leal says:

Great intro!!

ctrxxx tranter says:

Load of crap, boring to watch

bludevmike says:

How would anyone put a tee in a hardwood floor?

Todd Sparks says:

Peter Great video I’m gonna be working on my centre hits with my putter now!!!

Geoff Bray says:

Fantastic content Pete done the blue tack drill, putting improved, keep up the good work.

Kevin Dodd says:

Again really enjoying this series would love to see how you could use the practice balls at home ie the plastic ones with all the holes in or something similar or even if if indeed they are and good at all to practice with?

Rob Biles says:

Boy, this in door practice can be dangerous.

Tyler Egan says:

Club in the pocket, oh you slick Pierre ? love these indoor videos especially being canadian and we won’t get to golf til May ?

george santalucia says:

Is there any way you can do some videos where only I get better?

The Mac Guy, LLC says:

Your videos keep getting better and better. Thanks

Pat Reardon says:

he's sponsored by taylormade!!!!!!!

EdgeMasterrLoL says:

Looooooove this series! Its winter here and im practicing indoor a whole lot!

Pootie 0128 says:

I work at a mattress store and it’s slow all the damn time haha so I take my lob and sand wedge and pitch onto the mattresses. I try and stop the ball on the mattress so I’m practicing my distance control and my striking! Only way to make it stop is with proper contact so that it spins ?

Dazz says:

I use putt out training aids think they are brilliant improved my putting so much. Great video Pete ?

Bob Kuralowicz says:

This Indoor Series is a great idea for this time of year. Much more useful for New York Winters than more driver reviews.

Richard Argent says:

Excuse lined up for smashing the house up finch made me do it?️‍♂️⛳?

Anthony Elliott says:

I've used the blue tac drill at home this winter. It helps loads. It also shows if you were aiming off to compensate for a off centred strike.

Mark Bailey says:

Just tried the drill with lob wedge and the tie is stuck in the wallpaper so funny.

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