THE BEST IN THE WORLD? Two years in the making – FSX Skills Challenge

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THE BEST IN THE WORLD? Two years in the making – FSX Skills Challenge – Here we go! Is this my final ever FSX Skills Challenge.

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Nicholas Melidosian says:

For god sake get rid of that music in the background

John Armstrong says:

Way to go, Peter!

rob carter says:

fantastic! great work sir! looks like you took note of my comment from feb attempt 🙂
"rob carter
1 month ago
Well done sir! respectful suggestion: don't look at the scores on each station. take the table off the screen. don't work out what you need to beat the latest 54. ok – you'll obviously see which ring the ball lands in – but that's it – move on to focus on the next shot."

David Fawkes says:

Congratulations Pete… awesome that ??

Graeme Muller says:

epic Pete, never doubted you would get there, next, The Open

Neal Sokay says:

Congrats Peter ??????

Marcus Hüppe says:

Well done! Congrats.

Joseph Martin says:

Well done Pete! Looks like all you needed was a full bag of Taylor Made clubs to get it done!

anthony hemmings says:

Sorry if my comment upsets any body. but i have canceled my subscription from this chanal because of this type of video way to many sfx skill challenge videos from Peter. i think his following has slowed down due to this sort of content. maybe he needs to rethink his approach to keep his videos interesting

Jmac says:

Smashed that record! Way to go Pete! I've been watching this series for a long time, it was now all worth it! Awesome.

Andy Stone says:

That was awesome!!

craigxix says:

Pete couldn't be more happier for you and your FSX challenge, its been a long time coming and I pretty much have been willing you on all the way. Keep it going and give yourself that new challenge of 100%….

Carl Thompson says:

Next challenge to shoot a 6 under round that will keep you going ??

Ken Attaway says:

Hal-E-Lu-Ya!!! Amazing shots…One-Der-Full!!! and congratulations, Peter…Lifting a glass (single malt) to you…

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