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In this video, you will learn how to make birdies on the golf course. Las Americas is a beautiful golf course in Tenerife that offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking to up your golf game, this is the place to do it!

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saint patrick says:

that feller sure has a pretty shaft on his putter. bravo 👏 👏 👏

Stephen Mateer says:

mark is a jordan speith like putter

David ORourke says:

Army,Army,Army!! ( last time i posted this that scammer tried gettin me) . Let him try again🤣

Peter Heston says:

My male did kill a bird on there many tears ago

Bradley Phelps says:

Love to see good players that definitely don't take themselves too seriously

Ewen Jones says:

Poms in caps backwards? Is this a golf Vlog or a rap video? You will end up with sunburnt noses.

paul butler says:

Both of you putt amazingly … could we get a short video of each of your pre shot routine for putting pls?

Steven Harris says:

Great vlog as usual lads
You’re putter looks great Mark, what one is it please? Maybe you could do a vlog with it 👍

Jack says:


I do have a question that you may be able to help with.

I have the XL halo irons, cleveland CBX 2 wedges and driver is the G425 MAX all of these are super forgiving, great for a high handicapper with moderate swing speed, I'm one club away from my perfect bag.

Theres only one gap in my bag between my driver and 5 iron (the longest iron I have).

A fairway finder. Something super forgiving, but gets distance and preferably has a draw bias or at least is guaranteed to go straight.

I was thinking either a 4 hybrid or 5 wood.

Something that can be used off the tee or from the fairway if necessary.

Do you have some recommendations?

Adrian Purvis says:

Where is the Tenerife sun ?!

Adrian Purvis says:

185 8 iron…. think long dog has gone to his head! 🙂

Rob Biles says:

All hail to the Putty God. Long may his balls find the hole.

peter guildford says:

What has happened to mark's chipper? Is it out of the bag? Or never in the bag in the first place, and just trying to increase Cleveland marketing? Or was it just an April fool?

john wheeler says:

Thanks Mark for another class video, pure pleasure

Solomon Li says:

LOL. Love that resort golf brings the best of the banter…and apparently the best of the putting too. Ridiculous….

Tony Ahie says:

Thumbnail got me here 😂⛳🔥

highlanderthegreat says:

you say putting master class then why show hitting driver????i thought it would just be on putting….

Tim Houston says:

What I love about this channel is the infectious laughter. Very much appreciated.

Mitch Morris says:

Cross Longfield

David Parsons says:

This is great I reckon.😀

OvieKovy says:


Jamey Fontes says:

The banter by you two is hilarious!

Matt Guyer says:

I miss these course blogs, but with 4somes

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