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In this video, we will be looking at the top 5 golf training aids on the market today. These devices can help you improve your swing and play better golf. We'll take a look at each one and see how it can help you achieve your goals on the course.

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D H says:

I like these that you've shown here. The PuttOut system I like the best.

Geoff Cohen says:

Does one spend $500 on lessons or gadget training aids.

Snowbind says:

My favourite aid has been a putting mat in my office. It means I've been able to practice my putting throughout the year when stuck on boring calls. Specifically though it has a measuring grid on one of the lines, so I have been drilling into my putting a back stroke of x cm = a putt of y distance. It's really helped me with my putting consistency.

Samuel J. Martin III says:

Stack System 💪🏽🦾

Mary McKenna says:

What I appreciate about this video is the following: Not only do you share effective training aids based upon your coaching and playing experience, but you also explain why and how each training aid is beneficial for controlling the face of the club, something I struggle with. Been wondering about how effective the Tour Striker Smart Ball and the Swing Gyde would be. I never knew about the Putt Out Putting mirror and the Stack System with App. Thank you Sir! 👍

Anthony Farmer says:

Have you tried GEM Mark? Looks interesting.

david wray says:

I'm a big Jon Sherman and Adam Young fan. I love my smart ball for the connection it gives me. 👍

Keith Ginn says:

Hi Mark years of following you great content and honesty! My best value and ease of use aid is the “tour striker smart ball”. As with yourself he brought content,aids to the normal player! Normal meaning, someone who wants to enjoy their golf but may not have time to play/ practice everyday! I love to watch old content, Martin Chuck and yourself have come so far yet you both were great prior to the “bells and whistles”, so many teachers/content YouTubers need ! Keep evolving but, well done for keeping it real.

Paul Turner says:

Lag shot is a good one

Richard Oakes says:

The Hanger (coat hanger) worked for me…

Inka Outdoors TV says:

The stack system is amazing. Something I’ve been looking at.

Selvy says:

This may not fit the mold of a training aid in this context but I have a golf net in the backyard which allows me to practice almost anytime.

Jason Aaron says:

7 iron lag shot. Works on tempo timing and lag, you can hit balls with it.

hotshotXIII says:

I think my favorite is the orange whip!

Mark Beeson says:

My favourite has to be either my superspeed swing speed set or my alignment sticks

john marle says:

Just bought the swingyde and the orange whip trainer but the one in the bag that I ignore is the grip aide it's amazing how you think you have nailed your grip but put it back on your club and instantly feel that your grip was wrong all the time

Jacob Sugg says:

My favorite is definitely the putting mirror it just helps a lot and makes sure you are calibrating your putting stroke to get the best chance at making more putts

Michael Parsons says:

My favorite training aid was a club I borrowed from a mate call DST Compressor.

Rob Couch says:

love my stack system as well!! and a putting mirror

Heg Wah says:

Puttout mirror, gates and carpet

Ray Cann says:

Nice selection, Mark. All those aides can be very useful. I think the stack system would benefit me
the most, but the Swingyde may be my next purchase. Using the alignment sticks have made
the biggest impact on my set up and overall accuracy.

Emilio Trenzado says:

I really want to try the stack. I just got the planemate 2.0 and it has helped my body learn how to use the hips and be more on plane.

Eric Atkins says:

Love my smart ball. Like you said, working with it is amazing for your pitching game. Just being better at those long-ish pitching shots has saved me a ton of strokes! Maybe get sasho to give us a stack system give away! Haha

Stephen Mulvaney says:

Smart ball looks like a good aid but a towel indeed the armpits does basically the same thing. I use a putting mirror as well as the orange whip and an explanar trainer

James Smyth says:

For me defo the swingyde, simple yet brilliant training tool

Everardo Golf says:

My coach recommended the smart ball and it's been the best thing!

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