Random Golf Club in NEW ZEALAND!

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Erik Anders Lang and his band of merry men make their way to Titirangi Golf Club, the only Alister MacKenzie designed course in New Zealand, for a very special Random Golf Club. Hosted by Doug White, the Director of Golf at Titirangi (and Dr. MacKenzie enthusiast), EAL and 17 strangers hit the links for the first time together to enjoy a twilight 9 holes where Erik discovers that no matter where you are in the world, golf really is a universal language. As all RGC's that have gone before, rule 17b was well and truly in effect with plenty of laughter at the bad shots as well as appreciation of the good ones, and more lifelong friendships were formed.

Titirangi provides the perfect setting for a Random Golf Club meet-up. What would Dr. MacKenzie have thought about a near 20 ball teeing off together and enjoying his historic layout?

For more on Erik, all things Random Golf Club, merch, news and meet-ups go to https://randomgolfclub.com/

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Chris Dimaio says:

The best last time in becoming a better golfer that I’ve ever heard

Juan Melendez says:

I’m 11 months late but shout out to the Arizona Diamondbacks cap!

William Sankey says:

Loved this course, had a midnight flight out of AKL, so we enjoyed lunch and a challenging 18. Nice video!

Carson H says:

It’s just Augusta no big deal

Rich B says:

Early Saturday morning in England…I would normally be getting my gear ready to go play… it’s now 5 weeks since I last teed it up, and watching this has made me realise how much I miss playing. When we get back, my attitude to the game will change totally. Hit it, go find it, hit it again and enjoy!
Thanks Erik👊🏻

Jeff Harvey says:

I like the comments at the end. I can get mad during rounds sometimes but in the end, the moments I remember aren't necessarily the shots but having fun with other people.

EoinG10 says:

I've decided Stu needs his own show on Skratch

jmcesmat says:

Dude, I love your outlook on the game. Ever since I’ve been watching your videos, the score means less, the experience means more, the disconnect from life’s problems has become more tangible and somehow the game improves through the process. Respect Erik!

Kenny says:

Titirangi golf club, that s a great pick.

Metalheads Golf says:

Nice another musician enjoying the little louder genres, "Metalheads Golf" is around the beginner golfers journey. 3 metalheads and thus als with metal music in the vids will provide. https://www.youtube.com/user/mosow Stay metal, Eric. 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

Tom W says:

WOAH I almost DIED during A Random Round of Golf! 5:34 for all y'all clickbaiter YouTubers out there…

Wouter Hietink says:

God, I miss this sport. Just waiting for the Dutch courses to open again…

Dean Letford says:

Bow to me…….As I shank this! hahaha

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