Sonny Bill gave me his World Cup medal! An INCREDIBLE Rugby World Cup moment

Almost six years on from the 2015 World Cup final, we look back at a famous moment in Sonny Bill Williams career. Shortly after the presentation a fan ran on the pitch before being tackled by security. What happened next changed a young man’s life and is remembered as one of the incredible moments in World Cup history, as SBW gave away his winners medal.

What is your favourite off-field moment? Let us know in the comments.

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22 thoughts on “Sonny Bill gave me his World Cup medal! An INCREDIBLE Rugby World Cup moment

  1. Read Quran and find out how Islam changed life of Sonny Bill Williams. I know most people will ignore this message cause they don't wanna know about Islam

  2. Wow very cool. American I don’t even know what rugby is never heard of sonny but it is a very cool story. Amazing. Seems like a great guy. Very nice ?

  3. SBW is a gent, and it seems a truly great person. He is one of the few ppl of faith whom I find to be real. No duplicity. He tries his best to be real. Class act.

  4. "non muslim doesnt read qur'an or hadits, they read muslim (acts, behaviour and all)", thank you for being a good devout muslim Sonny! enjoy your retirement buddy. love from Indonesia! THanks world rugby too for sharing this beautiful story. and for that guy in the video, be a good human being just like Sonny. Good luck!

  5. Why am I crying? So moving, the young man was such a cute teen and the message is so raw and sincere! Love and blessings to all! There is really so much love and goodness in the world

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