Sonny Bill gave me his World Cup medal! An INCREDIBLE Rugby World Cup moment

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Almost six years on from the 2015 World Cup final, we look back at a famous moment in Sonny Bill Williams career. Shortly after the presentation a fan ran on the pitch before being tackled by security. What happened next changed a young man’s life and is remembered as one of the incredible moments in World Cup history, as SBW gave away his winners medal.

What is your favourite off-field moment? Let us know in the comments.

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World Rugby says:

What is your favourite off-field moment? Let us know in the comments.

Manuele Petelo says:

What a legend this young man. Helping someone else is what it's all about!! Good for you!

Ash Chow says:

Read Quran and find out how Islam changed life of Sonny Bill Williams. I know most people will ignore this message cause they don't wanna know about Islam

Dharmasiri Rathnayake says:

Muslim or not is not a matter, but sonny bill Willaim is a great player

Redneckin For Jesus says:

Wow very cool. American I don’t even know what rugby is never heard of sonny but it is a very cool story. Amazing. Seems like a great guy. Very nice 👍

zamani jopri says:

Congrats Bill on yr retirement,enjoy yr precious time with yr Family n may Allah grant you Jannah for being a good n humble Muslim.

Life of Frost says:

I think Sonny was confused about your age cause back in NZ Polynesian kids are that size at 7 or 8 😂

mike dee says:

SBW is a gent, and it seems a truly great person. He is one of the few ppl of faith whom I find to be real. No duplicity. He tries his best to be real. Class act.

Solekefs says:

How am I seeing this now lol

MR says:

"non muslim doesnt read qur'an or hadits, they read muslim (acts, behaviour and all)", thank you for being a good devout muslim Sonny! enjoy your retirement buddy. love from Indonesia! THanks world rugby too for sharing this beautiful story. and for that guy in the video, be a good human being just like Sonny. Good luck!

Noora Deen says:

Why am I crying? So moving, the young man was such a cute teen and the message is so raw and sincere! Love and blessings to all! There is really so much love and goodness in the world

Frank Williams says:

I live near sonny bill, I see him at the Westfield nearly everyday

ガレス says:

Now I know, just run on to the pitch after the world cup final and then I'll get a medal

gus 201 says:

So this is the little flog that broke the law and got rewarded ffs doesn't deserve air time…..

_hxrryyy says:

I would not be able to take it off him, his achievement that Hes worked for but either way 2 genuine people


Are we not gonna talk about the Aussie bloke who tried to snatch the medal of the kid😂😑2:00

William James says:

Congrats Charlie!

Bishop Leo says:

SBW the great 💪

M_ Rws says:

How do you play rugby

Plus I don’t care

pjq420 says:

you're amazing too for the gratitude!

Sampath Kulathunga says:

SBW king 🤴 of the off-loads…. ❤️😘❤️😘

Varisara Phiratthitikon says:


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