How To CLEAR YOUR HIPS In The Golf Swing – Amazing Golf Drill

How to clear your hips in the golf swing – amazing golf drill.
Alistair Davies golf Uk Top 25 Golf Coach shares with you a great practice drill to help you clear your hips through impact.
This will help power and club face control.
Get the same moves as the best PGA tour players by opening up and clearing your hips through impact. Clear your hips like the pros in golf and learn how to rotate your hips in the downswing.
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Golf – Learn how to clear your hips – amazing drill.


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11 thoughts on “How To CLEAR YOUR HIPS In The Golf Swing – Amazing Golf Drill

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  2. Alistair, in this video you are advocating that you keep the R heel on the ground to hold the club under your foot in position but watching a lot of tour pro swings I’ve noticed that their R heel comes off the ground before impact hence helping them to get as open as they are. If that R heel stays glued to the ground through impact doesn’t that hamper the L hip from clearing enough before impact? Or are you advocating to keep the R heel down through impact for services of this drill only?

  3. My problem is staying back too much and not clearing the hips & posting correctly on front leg – too much arm acceleration too early puts swing bottom too far back causing fats and thins.. Looks like this drill would encourage moving/keeping weight on back leg. I want to clear hips and post, but don't want to flip to come thru the ball.

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