TOP 3 MUST TRY DRIVERS OF 2023 // Looking for the best golf drivers of 2023?

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Looking for the best golf drivers? There are lots of drivers that will claim to be number 1 this year.

Today, Ian and Mikey dive into the top 3 drivers they believe are a must try for 2023.



Filmed at: Club Champion Toronto
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


Starnerd says:

While I would love to have any of them I need to actually be able to hit my driver because no matter how forgiving a driver is if you can’t hit it straight to begin with unless it’s a pure unicorn you still won’t be able to hit it

Jay Hales says:

I don't even want to think about any new Drivers. I'm so confrontable using my older Cobra S9-1M. Gone through 2 fittings, the new drivers don't offer enough gains to warrant the price.

Station2Station says:

I found that shafts that suit me in most drivers, feel weak when plugged straight into a G430 (LST) and it's likely head weight causing shaft deflection.

Mitch Stevenson says:

You guys should test Bryson’s driver. The krank fire

Hooter Bear says:

Wondering why Cobra was left out? Distance,and price point, for me, should've have been a factor.

Jose Enrique S says:

No Taylormade? Mmmm

Derek Gzaskow says:

Makeup! Ian's lookig a bit sweaty…

EL says:

If you have a high angle of attack, play the heavy weight forward on the Paradym Triple Diamond… it flies for ever. Super low spin with that heavy weight forward , so you’ll need to hit up on it!

Jason Velez says:

Love the TSR3 driver… probably the greatest feat of club engineering to date… it is an a absolute monster 🔥🙌🙌

Travis Rhuby says:

With the Paradym having the highest ball speed, how would you tune it to get the right launch conditions? Change loft up a degree or two, switch to Ventus red?

BA mit1515 says:

Ping keep their reputation for that sound only certain species of whales may understand

BA mit1515 says:

Not even Aerojet LS?? .. it was a runner up in one of the previous videos if I recall correctly

BA mit1515 says:

Almost funny stealth didn’t even make it to the shortlist 😅

Davy Bell says:

G430 Max with a BGT Brava stiff shaft is an absolute beast. Consistent and long

joe franco says:

I play the TSR2 with the 1Kblack shaft 110mph club speed, I couldn’t get the launch up with Tsr3 both tried on 9 degree standard settings. Do you think I’m leaving much on the table using the tsr2 over the 3?

Curtis McGrath says:

G430 Max took me from a 7 to 5HC this season. Stop telling everyone about my secret!!

Xavier Perez says:

Do you guys ever add weight in the handle, or do you adjust simply with heavier grips? Maybe that ping counter balanced with Mikey’s new Ventus gamer?

greg williams says:

Never seem to put mizuno in the mix. Are they that much behind the others? I like looks of my st190 and the new stz230 but dont want to throw dollars out if it wont get me much. Any thoughts?

marcuslundstrom says:

Why do you not mention/include the number of missed/deselected shots with each model in order to get 5 decent ones to include in your club averages? Seems to me this is just as important as how it performs on decent swings – what is the 'bad swing/good swing ratio with the club? Like here, it appears like 9 shots with TSi, 7 shots with Ping (up to 16) and a full 19 shots with Paradym to make the same number decent shots…

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