Best Golf Drivers From 5 Years Ago! | 2018 Golf Drivers Comparison

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This 2018 golf drivers comparison includes the best golf drivers from 5 years ago, including the PING G400, TaylorMade M4, Titleist TS2, and Callaway Rogue. While 2023 looks like an awesome year for drivers, 2018 also produced several superb golf drivers from the top manufacturers that are still delivering fantastic performance for golfers.

In this video, 2nd Swing's Drew Mahowald and Taylor Ledwein test and compare four of the best golf drivers from 5 years ago, including the PING G400, TaylorMade M4, Titleist TS2, and Callaway Rogue.

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Gary Davis says:

Great swing. I’m always confused about “needs more spin”. Why wouldn’t I just go higher loft if I’m concerned about “keeping it in the air” longer? Hmm…

Stephen DiBari says:

my 2016 M2 is still in my bag since early 2021. TSR2 only out drove it by 2 yards ! about 1 more mph ball speed. Should go back to 2016 and do a similar comparison test

Jeff Cook says:

Hit all those drivers in 2018 hit the ping SFT 20 yards farther than any of the others played it for three years traded it for a cobra speed zone still have the cobra but picked up a ping G 400 Max off the Internet for an awesome price. Love it

benjamin pham says:

Lots of comments saying this test was pointless, but y’all got to remember this store is a SECOND hand store. People who can’t or don’t want to afford brand new $600 drivers maybe looking at these at a third of the price and similar performance…

John Webb says:

I love this channel and leave positive reviews. This is a meaningless review and pointless

CP 17 says:

Ping G400 is the one of the best ever made

Cody Cook says:

For her club head speed optimal spin is right around 2700 hundred. Spinning the ball down around 2000 is just too low. Since these are not the low spinning variants she needs more loft for sure. She isn't getting enough height on the ball to spin the ball that low. She should be getting 10 to15 more yards of carry distance.

Jeff Hall says:

Why do a comparison from 5 years ago anyways?

Cameron Loveless says:

I play Rogue, and bought it used. I chose it because I love the look of it and being Callaway I figured it would perform well (and it does). But the sound did surprise me a little as a buddy of mine plays a different Callaway model and it sounds much more muted. What I’ve noticed though is that the sound varies a lot depending on strike. If caught slightly high on the face it is really loud and high pitched. If you hit it middle or lower it’s sounds great. Even in this test I can hear 3 different sounds out of the 5 Rogue shots hit

B Cunningham says:

It kind of looks like there is a crack on the face of the G400🤨

John T says:

Love to see the same 4 heads reviewed with the current counterparts ie g400 vs g430, ts2 vs tsr2

Josephine Campbell says:

Would love to see g400 vs G430

Cole Erickson says:

Good thinking on this video. Your selection of second hand clubs is second to none in the area so showcasing older (but still amazing) drivers is smart.

Michael Lim says:

She has a great looking swing

uNkLeRaRa4 says:

Throw in a Mizuno ST190!

Billy Commons says:

Still playing a G400 LST and haven’t seen anything that can knock it out of the bag.

Andi Howland says:

Guys, just a couple of thoughts. IMHO, having multiple different staff members on the channel doesn’t work. Stick with 2 and build a relationship with your audience. Drew & Thomas have the best rapport. Secondly, you’re not in a van, it’s a store!

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