Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson.16th hole. Practice day. The Masters.Augusta. 2013.

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bigeers11 says:

What was he doing in the rough by the lake? Why did he hit 2 balls? 

jeffrey gerard says:

Fowler’s eyebrows look like caterpillars. No wonder he wears those
oversized hats.

chicle8405 says:

Do any of those fucking retards know that they can turn off the shutter
noise on a digital camera

ABshookme says:

My dead old grandmas grandma could hold that camera more still than that.

MrDrew MC says:

I lost my breakfast trying to watch this…you should consider taking a
photo course bub

Jeff Derenzios says:

Great share on this shot

TheLFCzone says:

He dressed like a Masters caddie

MrBlakeogden says:

This was epic! i had a perfect view on this day!

718Gilbert says:

no its australian rugby, cant you see??

TheGolfer231 says:

Did he say I hit a hybrid, and under his breath said, Im not that short lol

Dori FIFA says:

The players often place there scorecards or yardage book in there back

Lucas B says:

damn you zoom like a monkey

eh1114 says:

bubba plays with his wallet..?

David Tigue says:

all the bouncing made me sick.

newman370 says:

that grass is so perfect ugh! i wish to play there one day

Piney says:

Rickie’s outfit is freaking awesome!

Seth Pech says:

the green belt really tops it off!

718Gilbert says:

he just wants to look like a caddie lol

Michael Goldberg says:

score card, wallet, or w.e ..golfers keep info and notes in their pockets..
especially back pocket so it doesnt’ interfere with their swing… but it’s
huge, someitmes you’ll see them takeit out on tv.

bogey19018 says:

That’s golf??

Mathias Laustrup says:

Whoever the fuck doesnt at least mute their shitty digital cameras are
fucking cunts.

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