Ricks What’s In The Bag Australia Edition

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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Ricks What’s In The Bag Australia Edition

See what clubs I used while in Australia 

Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer says:

Big thanks Showtime Shiels, got kinda emotional Watching that.

Cheers mate, see you over here again or I’ll duck over to see you blokes in
the UK

Diego Diaz says:

Agreed … The Australian boys have been excellent. Excellent players too
and what bloody good courses they play on. Not that I’m jealous that much.

Well Done Rick, great stuff and you know some good Pros there.

Michael Rolton says:

Glad you had a great time. Thanks for the vlogs.

Matthew Tabor says:

See you in Dubai! I’m there next week. some of the best courses in the

Sil3ntSup3rstar says:

I’ve gotta get that putter 

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Really enjoyed the Australian adventure. Alan Staines was awesome!!

titan90000 says:

Really enjoying to watch your Aussie course vlogs. There are some amazing
looking courses down there. 

Rapture says:

Will you ever possibly review the Callaway Apex iron range?

Don conant says:

Thanks for the great videos I really enjoy them .I hope your wife’s back
gets better soon.

Craig Welsh says:

I’m currently using the fontana 72 ghost tour and I love it best looking
club i’ve ever set eyes on

Roderick Bastard says:

Great stuff. Surely that price for clubs on plane can’t be right. Disgrace
if it is. How much was it to take you clubs to Dubai. I guess that’s why
loads of golfers are hiring clubs now. 

iicaptain123 says:

Three cheers for Mrs Shiels!!!

Wesley george 163 says:

Rick your a legend from perth west auz

arry63 says:

Hate Aussies (I am a Pom after all), but never met one I didn’t like.
Alan’s a great bloke, but he shouldn’t be seen beating our Rick. Looking
forward to the rematch on home soil.

Dan Hammond-Smith says:

Rick your content is awesome. Keep it up

JRCbmx says:

When you coming to New Zealand 😉 

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