Right Shoulder Movement In The Golf Swing: Pros vs Ams

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We've looked at the how the left shoulder moves in elite golf swings, now we'll look at the right shoulder movements. The shoulders need to work well together but many golfers just think “the shoulders” move as a unit… that's not the case at all. Each shoulder has a large range of motion so it's not a given they will move together in the best interest of our golf swing. Hopefully, this video will help shed some light on a few of the key differences we see between how pros typically move their shoulders compared to how many ams move them.

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Athletic Motion Golf says:

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Zachery Fellman says:

Hey guys! Why is it that pros’ arms exit so high and left of their body (like Cam Champ), and ams finish with our arms more in front of our body? Thanks in advance!

palm says:

You really need to let the animation play through a couple times. These micro movements back and forth just dilute what you’re trying to show

Mudasir Shora says:

Thank you for the thoughtful video. I noticed some top pro try to rotate the trail shoulder clockwise very subtlety though at top & transition to encourage the under the shoulder movement you were trying to explain. Is my understanding correct?

B M says:

AMG is great stuff. Technology has let us see what is “actually” happening, rather than what we “thought” was happening or tried to describe. However!!! until they develop true avatars like in the movies. We will never actually know what it truly “feels” like to do these movements. The golf swing continues to be one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. Could you imagine “avataring” yourself into one of those pro swing! Well – then everyone would know “how” to do it and be a pro and it wouldnt be so special!

Peter Martinaitis says:

The shoulders are the last thing to move in the pros down swing with amateurs it's usually the first.

jdw says:

Hi, Guys! Love the videos. Could you clarify what the "camera" position is here? Typically I set up my camera even with my hands down the line. Have a feeling that might affect whether the hands appear "above" or "below" the right shoulder. I know this is a 3D motion capture, but will we be able to see this properly on a typical camera angle?

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

I see something that wasn’t really touched on. The left arm shoulder looks like it’s choking the life out of him. Think it comes from a misconception of being “connected”

Justin says:

That video was rough to make it through

Steve Novak says:

So whats the best way to do this?

CREAM Abdul-Jabbar says:

I learn so much from you guys. No lies just evidence.

Joey Dpiano says:

This is absolutely true. If you want to gain a minimum of 20 yds on just about every club, pay attention to the pro take away and perfect that. You will also be 10 times more accurate too. Once you get to the top like the guy on the right, you can’t recover. I have been working on this along with some other things with my instructor and I went from averaging 95 mph with my driver to 103 mph. And it feels like I’m swinging easier but not slower if that makes sense. The game is so much more fun now .

2CardArsenal says:

First glaring thing I noticed was the Club face staying square of the Pro and matched his spine angle on the takeaway unlike the Amateur's club angle looked a little fanned open.

Ray Theguvna says:

right off the bat in the shoulder turn look at the club face angle as it crosses the spine. Pro is much more closed and nearly identical to the spine angle. AM is open.

greg williams says:

is this vaguely the same as or sim to keeping external rotation of trail shoulder? i get confused when some say "hit the ball with your rt shoulder"

Isaac Kidd says:

Am I the only one confused with this illustration? Seems like it could be simplified

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