Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods in new Nike ad

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The world number 1 golfer has announced his £155 million sponsorship deal with Nike with a new TV advert featuring Tiger Woods.

In the new one minute advert McIlroy and Woods are captured on the driving range taking turns to hit some unlikely shots into a variety of different cups.
No Cup Is Safe, the official name of the commercial, is due to air from Wednesday January 16 in the US.
It marks the start of McIlroy's ten year sponsorship deal with the sports giant which is reported to be worth £155 million.
Writing on Twitter the Northern Irishmen said he was “pumped” to have joined the Nike stable.

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marrk643 says:

Is it band nerdy that i wanna know what the song in the background was?

Acear Bern says:

why is there a 2 second shot of a chinese restaurant? why a chinese
restaurant? why not something else like a japanese restaurant? what is the
reason behind that? 

Mats Pettersson says:

Nike best ever made golf commercial
#tigerwoods #rorymcilroy #nike #golf 

chen xie says:

Advertisement-GOOD mind

jonathan ogabar says:


James Ackerman says:

funniest commercial ever

nkosi richard cele says:

damn nigger, did u see that short?

K Hube says:

FYI, they didn’t film together.

nuster rab says:

vote for Udal sick of adds

D. T. M says:

Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods in new Nike ad:

Ricardo Hartasánchez says:
Taylor O'Connell says:

God Rory is hot! Love this ad!!!

Luca Phen says:

Anyone know what song is playing in the background?

NAMSHI says:

We just love this Nike Ad featuring Tiger Woods & Rory Mcllroy And if that inspires you enough then buy your own Nike
shoes & clothing online here #Nike #Nikeonline

Nicolas Noll says:

wtf? who the fuck do u think you are?!!!

1bornwina says:

Tiger Tiger Woods y’all!

Ross Howard says:

You’ll learn

e prz says:

@:59…Rory looks surprised to see one of Tiger’s balls far left and in the
water……i’m not!

NYs9thwonder says:

Well we can’t wait to see you on the PGA tour soon then!

Johnny Whitty says:

hahaha this is class

Alejandre Francoi Johnson says:

funny as hell

Paul Singleton says:

Shame they cant play like this when it matters, good luck making the Cut
today 😉

MatrixFactoryGuy says:

best golf commercial ever made

GermantownFamily says:

Nike builds their brand on the backs of sponsors like Tiger who is a bad
example for values in our nation. Without the Tiger, there would be no Nike
as most of the products are made in Asia and do not last. Nike will soon be
a thing of the past when another Underarmer comes into market.

IXM360 says:

I….. *sighs*

AfterEffectsZone says:

Imitating that legendary Larry Bird/Michael Jordan ad

TheOkiedave says:

It looks like Cobra bit Rory in the ass!

Ricardo S says:

And that’s why you watch cartoons.

Proweys says:

Tigers had plenty of practice sinking balls in the past.

barath4545 says:

Well made commercial, love it.

ana m marcangeli says:

Me encantó!!!! , ojalá existieran mas comerciales de ésta calidad. Y la
sonrisa de Tiger es mejor que su swing.

Mustafa Alimumal says:

Really? Tell me about all the horrible things he’s done to you. And all
those charities he does are really terrible.

ScottyStudioSelect says:

now if rory can pick up a perkins waitress…

coachq916 says:

Rory and Tiger sweep the Majors this year and you’ll see Red Drivers at
EVERY golf course u play this year ! Bet !

Paul Field says:

Is that your real hair…… Brilliant 🙂

Vik Roda says:

Absolutely Brilliant!

NYs9thwonder says:

I hope in your glass house, that you always behave immaculately!

Tom Murphy says:


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