Rory Mcilroy Backswing Drills On The Range

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Bailey Davis says:

Probably one of the prettiest swings in my opinion. Him and Max Homa are my two favorites to watch.

The Axiom says:

1:27 is the money feel

IVANvrgx says:

overrated player

Lando 365 says:

This guy is the most talented golfer on the planet. By all means try an emulate his swing. But be VERY careful watching videos like this with the intent to improve your swing. Rory’s ‘feels’ and what he is working on will be miles away from what you are working on. I’m saying this to save anyone else clever enough to understand it potentially weeks of wasted effort 🙏

Overhand Golf says:

So, what's he practicing … He's practicing the direction he's swinging the club and that direction is downward, not toward the target!

smitty says:

split hand drill done by the best

Jose González García says:

A good swing perfect

Wedge Wizard says:

Basically practicing Mike Malaska’s move, “over the top from the inside”, which works really well. So many people have it all wrong trying to get the club to laid off to far inside, then they’re stuck and have to flip at the ball and rely on perfect timing. Watch old tiger with butch, Rory right here, etc. there’s an ideal slot, at parallel in the downswing (p6) the club should be parallel not only with the ground but also the target line with the clubface matching the spine angle, not straight up & down, then the club can naturally square through impact rather than a quick flip. The other important part is not opening up the shoulders early and leaving everything back like Jack Nicklaus talks about feeling like his back stayed facing the target at the top of his swing for as long as possible and at impact the bottons on his shirt were facing the ball or even behind it. Many rookies shoulders are way to open to early in a poor attempt to create power because they’re not using their lower bodies to start the downswing. So much of what I see with “internet golf instruction” is terrible advise, trying to get people to manipulate the club with arms and wrist to far to the inside while ignoring the real culprits of the over the top move, how the body works with the upper body. The golfswing is a very easy, natural, powerful, stress free move done correctly. ⛳️🧙‍♂️💭

Jimmy Vespe says:

I know what he is trying to do but he is unable to do it. At the top he always gets the shaft a little steeper before he starts down. This is a note to everyone, he is human.

Darren says:

What an amazing person Rory is he is SHOWING us how it works he knows this is going to be on —tube Thank you Rory for helping us!

정다운 says:

역시 로리는 깔끔하고 정교해요!굿샷!

ViewfromMelb says:

Oddly enough I do many of the same drills and I'm still no good. Haha

Jesse Golfs says:

I’ve watched 20 min of this 2 min video

Lee Brooks says:

Without his personal context it's still amazing….would love to know what he's trying to "feel"….

Scrub_Jake says:

0:59 was so clean 🧼

よろんさま says:


Paul Stephenson says:

Great drill

Old Ben says:

best swing all time

BleedGreen says:

Pretty cool watching the golfer with the best swing in the world work on his form.

Marty W says:

Doesn’t look like any of the guys at my driving range. I usually see balls squirting left or right.

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