Rory McIlroy Golf Swing Driver(s) (FO & DTL), ASI Scottish Open (North Berwick), July 2019.

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Rory McIlroy Golf Swings with the Driver (face-on and down-the-line views) tee shots from the 2nd hole (Par 4 of 475 yards) and at the 6th hole (Par 4 of 444 yards). Video taken at The Renaissance Club (North Berwick, Scotland) at the Pro-am day on Wednesday 10th July 2019 at the Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open 2019.

High-speed video taken with Sony RX10 IV cameras set at 250 fps and a 1/3200 shutter speed.


john clancy says:

Reminds me a lot of Eamonn Darcy

Jack Yang says:

Thanks for all the hard working.

Charlie In NoVa says:

MJF is the master

Unknown says:

Wondering why the guy in black clothes behind kneeled down

voice_of_reason says:

Pound for pound the best swing / driver of the ball ever?

Golf Insider says:

Hi Michael,

I hope you are well. I've recently come across your channel – really great content. I hope you don't mind, but I've just embedded this video in an article I've put together on golf swing mechanics:

I've credited you and pointed my readers to come give your channel a follow. The video still plays as your channel, with your ads (show you should see a bump in views this week), but just let me know if you don't want it featured in the article and I shall find a replacement.

Keep up the fine work.

Will Shaw

Shannon the Cannon says:

Poetry in motion

Dynamic3DLtd says:

Brilliant video, love the slo mo and various perspectives.

nsxdarin says:

best swing in the game

ANMAQ M says:

Superb video, thank you.

BirdieDave says:

i love your channel😍 have you other swings from the scottish open? or have you already uploaded all?

Tahi the Cavoodle says:

Thanks!!! Great footage!!!

Ainot Han says:

Thanks for this great video.

Steve Robson says:

As we’ve come to expect from Michael John Field, this is absolutely fantastic footage of Rory’s awesome swing. For me Michael has become the ‘go to’ guy if I want to view the swing footage of some of the worlds greatest golfers. Michael’s skill and attention to detail in capturing swing footage from exactly the angles needed to appreciate the components of each golfers swing is second to none. Whether you are using Michael’s footage to learn from the greatest golf swings on earth or just to appreciate their beauty and athleticism he never disappoints. Thanks again Michael for sharing your brilliant work!

Mark Gomba says:

Great video

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