Rory McIlroy Slow Motion Swing Unique View

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David J says:

Normal speed please

Tony Barber says:

how did you even get this footage?

Tim C. says:

You know why I like this view? Because it shows that he is not trying to take the club straight back in the swing,. it is starting to turn inside pretty early. You often hear people talking about taking the club straight back and then bringing it up… but he is definitely taking it inside pretty early

gmonkey808 says:

So anyone else notice that the wrists release on a different angle to the initial drop? Is that the secret?

Chuck Daymude says:

Great to see this, thanks for posting. Notice how in balance he is with no movement toward his toes or heels. Simply the best swing in the game today. Outstanding

remmy100 says:

Thanks man, you too. Btw I beat my best by two strokes, even par 🙂

The Boom Bapp says:

Nice work Rem, Self taught here currenlty holding a +1.9 Hcap. Lots of Tiger, Rory, Adam, vids have helped solidify my thoughts, movements, and confidence. Best of luck.

remmy100 says:

Lol well Im doing pretty good now. Down to a single digit handicap. I've gone from a draw to a consistent fade. My only swing thoughts are to keep the right elbow pointing down on backswing and trying to point it at the target on down swing, and shifting my weight left. A year ago my best finish was a 82. Now its a 72. And all self taught 🙂

Neal Block says:

The "dip" is more of a squat motion intended to produce more power due to the pushing off from the ground after the initial squat.

smithersandburns says:

Haha, you are wrong too. Their levels are definitely not the same at impact as they were at address. It's obvious that Tiger and Rory's heads are lower at impact than address on any down the line video. They don't hit it fat for a completely different reason. What's funny is that while factual and helpful you still won't listen to this.

smithersandburns says:

*am (not can)

smithersandburns says:

I am completely fine with people not listening to me. I'm not trying to sell anything. I was just doing this guy the favor of telling him he's headed in the wrong direction so he doesn't waste his time. But that's where the favors stop was my point. Maybe I can better at golf than 99% of non touring golf pros. Maybe I shoot 100, who knows…

Brandon Moore says:

You must not be a golf professional. If you're not than why would anyone want to listen to you anyway…? If you are, you must not do very much business…

Brandon Moore says:

If you knew anything about Rory's golf swing you would know that getting his hips pointed upward is something that he works on. So yes his hips are "pointed to the sky"

Brandon Moore says:

Many don't and none of them ever lose their posture. The ones that do "sink" down because sinking because of the coiling of their overall body. This has a lot of dynamic moving parts and is not just a result of the knee action. Just as a coil tightens up, an athletic golf swing will do the same.

They don't hit it fat because as they get to the ball their levels are basically the same as when they started the golf swing at address. They don't dip down and stay dipped down.

gmonkey808 says:

Well you know golf and you can count…..all the way up to five.

smithersandburns says:

I won't answer that question unless you pay me. But I will tell you that your analysis of it is way off.

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