Rory Mcilroy golf swing on shot tracer app

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Alonzo Tsinnie says:

Shot tracer could you subscribe to me, I built my own golf course and I use the shot tracer app it’s so unique

どっこいショット says:


satria gunawan says:

His hip move earlier and followed by his shoulder

Hunter Thompson says:

looks like the nike logo

iczz says:

Looks like the Nike symbol

선한댓글 says:

My role model

TheThunderwesel says:

And that kids is how you hit a draw.

DTB says:

Imo the best swing in the history of the game

헌터코피 골프TV[HunterP] says:


troyan fumar says:

Nice shot..


Steady as a rock.. Smooth operator for sure..

Richard Blake says:

He should win every tournament with his power and finesse.

Ed0n says:

Nike commercial?

WallyPop says:

Looked like he popped up on connecting

Dmkfactor says:

Great swing, but I’ll take Morikawa’s iron swing over Rory any day!

jollygoodsmashing says:

This is great content if you make it keep it up

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