World No. 1 "Rory Mcilroy" Driver-Wood-Iron Swing Slow Motions

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steve perry says:

nice slo-mo action to study, thnx.

검객 says:

흉내도 못 냄 ㅜㅜ

maple1255 says:

Rory has such a powerful smoothly fluid swing, outstanding!

Redrock 4 says:

왼쪽어깨를 저렇게 집어넣고도 턱하고 간섭안되는게 신기합니다.

S says:

I wish I could do this consistently and repeatedly with little effort

youngae kim says:

전부 다 가진 맥킬로이 ~ 당신때문에 골프 방송 봅니다 이 보다 더 완벽할순 없죠 ~

종권 박 says:

골프스윙의 교본

American SantaCruz says:

I want to see how far I can hit it with brand new modern clubs.

髙森宏 says:


adam heap says:

How he gets so much shoulder turn I have no idea. Lads an owl

아이스맨 says:

뭔말이 필여하노 로리한테

Chopper Chopper says:

I had some trouble in traps , I asked a pro about it, he brought out his old sand wedge, a spot, a nickel size wore out , he said give or take a couple thousand, 20 thousand practice shots. Ok .

Jeremy Ewing says:

The level of precision and tempo at pro level vs a scratch golfer is said to be harder to achieve than a beginner becoming a scratch golfer.

I feel the true differences from scratch to pro is top level course management, as well as superb control within 100 yards.

Unless they're on a long course, I don't feel long hitting factors as much, but I'm no expert and not even a great golfer yet.


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비엠또불유 says:

지린다 정말

Michael Moore says:

So powerful and perfect and yet John Rahm who barely goes around with his club has won 5 out of the last 8 tournaments, just goes to show swinging this way doesn't work for everyone

Likamaro Lee says:

Such a beautiful swing. So powerful and perfect

Barry Macockiner says:

So much confidence

Timothy Wang says:

You had me at Rory

Paul Caney says:

Is that the perfect swing…

Karl_ says:

He makes it look so simple… very few moving parts but perfect windup then release of power…. on the other hand I look like an octopus having an epileptic fit when I swing a club…🤪

edmond fokker van crayestein says:

Just brilliant

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