22 thoughts on “World No. 1 "Rory Mcilroy" Driver-Wood-Iron Swing Slow Motions

  1. I had some trouble in traps , I asked a pro about it, he brought out his old sand wedge, a spot, a nickel size wore out , he said give or take a couple thousand, 20 thousand practice shots. Ok .

  2. The level of precision and tempo at pro level vs a scratch golfer is said to be harder to achieve than a beginner becoming a scratch golfer.

    I feel the true differences from scratch to pro is top level course management, as well as superb control within 100 yards.

    Unless they're on a long course, I don't feel long hitting factors as much, but I'm no expert and not even a great golfer yet.

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  4. So powerful and perfect and yet John Rahm who barely goes around with his club has won 5 out of the last 8 tournaments, just goes to show swinging this way doesn't work for everyone

  5. He makes it look so simple… very few moving parts but perfect windup then release of power…. on the other hand I look like an octopus having an epileptic fit when I swing a club…?

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