#KGRANDIOSE Before&After: Vince I. on Dr Kwon Golf

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Windsor4270 says:

strange to be wearing a mask but okay. good swing

김상가 says:

스윙 정말 좋다 ㅜ

Aidan Griffiths says:

Stuff works

Anh Tuấn Trần says:

Hay quá👍❤️

DrKwonGolf says:

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Jerry Brouwer says:

Wow! Great swing. Continuous motion at its best. Would like to see a down the line swing. Thank you Dr. Kwon.

Steve Adams says:

Great swing … it’s like you’re falling towards the target… when over lapping the backswing .

James T says:

Wowser nice swing!

Kenneth Troedsson says:

I strongly believe that your method Dr. Kwon will change my Golf in a very positive direction 👍

Haridevan Balachandran says:

This is really good Dr Kwon. Please post more of these shorts!

Richard Reed says:

Thanks for sharing. I would love to see before-after comparisons in your lesson videos.

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