Rory McIlroy | Swing Theory | Driver, iron, wedge

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Take an enhanced look at the golf swing of three-time FedExCup Champion Rory McIlroy, with analysis from CBS Sports and PGA TOUR LIVE Analyst Mark Immelman, including a deeper breakdown of the nuances of the Northern Irishman’s driver, iron, and wedge swings.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Driver – Back
04:04 Driver – Side
08:00 Iron
10:36 Draw
12:25 Close

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RedHed97 says:

if I tried that swing being a senior (66), I'd be in traction. 😎

IRLfights 3 says:

I want to know how long his driver shaft is?? he looks like hes swinging the longest driver possible by rules

Hugh Jorgan says:

Rory’s physically one of the best ball strikers ever. The problem is his mental game. After winning so often at a young age he began to struggle when the pressure was on. Same thing happened to Speith.

Darcy Hogg says:

The greatest driver of the golf ball ever 🔥

Rob Moon says:

Superb Content

none says:

This the most ignorant breakdown of a golf swing I've ever seen. There are studies on this and most of the power comes from the wrists. Everything else adds just little power and is more about stability. Try to hit the ball without using your wrists and you'll see the ball will not go anywhere.

J Z says:

I just squeeze my buttocks real tight and it goes 320 yards every time.

Aaron - Go to NeedGod net says:

Shot, Rory!

HyPeRSHoT99 says:

Nice swing, with some hard work he could be a good player in the future!



Tyson says:

Basically he gets the clubface back to square with lots of speed, I’ve done this by accident before….lol…


really interesting stuff tbf changing my swing mechanics right now

Ethan Korbyl says:

Nicest swing in golf.

Mason says:

I love how he can never disappoint us with his content…

Denis Rudi says:


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