Rory McIlroy's Perfect Set Up In 20 Seconds!

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The king of everything says:

he has a american voice with a irish accent

Dave Burns says:

Who is this hacker?

DrGashingtons says:

I didn’t think porn was allowed on YouTube. What a strike 😂

ゴルフ 欧米プロ式縦振りスイング指南所 says:

The essentials of the golf swing.
The two key elements of the golf swing.
from Japan to the world!

S C says:

How to shank a ball

jon Q says:

He has a bright future in golf instruction.

adfasd says:

That's why there's many pins at the range… yes exactly where I was aiming.

Jared Kish says:

That was a terrible shot lol wtf

S says:

awesome. Another swing thought of millions provided to amateurs that they all have to micromanage in 1 second of time that no amateur will be able to consistently implement. So helpful!

The Hillbilly Hoarder says:

Nice video thank you for the lesson

Mr. Sweet N Spicy says:

Hey first comment lets go! Hey im a dirt bike rider guys and i love your guys videos, so helpful!

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