Re-Gripping Rory McIlroy's Golf Clubs | TaylorMade Golf

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Follow along as the TaylorMade Tour Truck team re-grips Rory McIlroy's golf clubs ahead of the Tour Championship at East Lake. #shorts


D says:

I would love to talk to an in-house Taylor made employee on the logistics of all their: gear manufacturing, customization per player, fittings, media content creation, challenges, etc and as to how they coordinate all of it and stay on top of it in what seems like such a well oiled machine.

Dirk Piddlemark says:

Are you serious? No I'm not watching a video of a grip change but thanks

John Zur says:

Standard size? Just 1 wrap?

Power Wash Sauce says:

So can someone tell me why golf galaxy takes 6 years to regrip my irons

Phil Kirby says:

How long does a grip last him?

kreative scales says:

And this is what causes inflation……

Mark Johnson says:

I regrip my own clubs. Kinda fun actually

Waqar Ghulam says:

Very environmentally friendly? Hello rich hypocrits of the west

WayneKerr says:

Come on TM. You can do better…

Brad Harding says:

You think you would measure the tape cut it a 1/8 short so not to have to trim off after gripping… Dude come on

james klinski says:

How often do they

Robert Shields says:

Strange I don't see a Stealth 2 driver in the bag🤔

T Beck says:

Love his new Vokey wedges! Awesome!!!

Josh Brown says:

I came for the re-gripping. I stayed for the sweet beard

Everything hockey says:

I thought it said opium on the front of his bag

peace 2u says:

He still divorced his first wife as soon as he got famous.. he's actually a dooshbag. People paint him as a prince. Shows you how mucked up the world is and how fame is just complete bullshit and brings out someone's character..

Chuck Z says:

He uses standard size with just one piece of tape?

JYGlue says:

Slamming grip on floor getting solvent on floor and cutting off excess tape…a bit amateur

User 117 says:

If you do it right, you wouldn’t have any excess to cut off.

Charles McReynolds says:

That has to be one of the coolest jobs ever but I guess you better watch what the hell u r doing still pretty cool 😎😎


Do those clubs whine as much as he does ??
Could you smell Monaghan’s ass on the grips ??

EFNG21 says:

Thats the only real difference between me and Rory…I do my grips myself…

…yknow if you ignore the height, the muscle, the technique, the skill, the bank account, the accolades, the sponsorships, the accent and the name recognition…

PG says:

This is extremely satisfying to watch

Aisu says:

When he bashes his equipment during a tantrum, daddy tour van gets him new toys😂

TheTeeBox says:

New grips every round.must be nice having a team truck.

J R says:

How often do you get your beard caught in the grips?

C L says:

Imagine working on the tour van and still needing to cut the excess tape off the end of the grip because you put too long of a strip on.

R.W. says:

That’s cool

나루 says:

Project x 6.0?

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