Re-Gripping Rory McIlroy's Golf Clubs | TaylorMade Golf

Follow along as the TaylorMade Tour Truck team re-grips Rory McIlroy's golf clubs ahead of the Tour Championship at East Lake. #shorts

29 thoughts on “Re-Gripping Rory McIlroy's Golf Clubs | TaylorMade Golf

  1. I would love to talk to an in-house Taylor made employee on the logistics of all their: gear manufacturing, customization per player, fittings, media content creation, challenges, etc and as to how they coordinate all of it and stay on top of it in what seems like such a well oiled machine.

  2. He still divorced his first wife as soon as he got famous.. he's actually a dooshbag. People paint him as a prince. Shows you how mucked up the world is and how fame is just complete bullshit and brings out someone's character..

  3. Thats the only real difference between me and Rory…I do my grips myself…

    …yknow if you ignore the height, the muscle, the technique, the skill, the bank account, the accolades, the sponsorships, the accent and the name recognition…

  4. Imagine working on the tour van and still needing to cut the excess tape off the end of the grip because you put too long of a strip on.

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