Rory McIlroy Fixes Weekend Golfer’s Swing

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jojosaute says:

46 yards of roll. Kk…

gavin0371 says:

Trent's fist pump says everything

Theo Johansson says:

270 carry 310 total? It rolled out like 5 yards

Robin Atkinson says:

Great tuition tried all your tips ,working at them .Have improved my straight driving distance about 10 -12 yards ,never knew I could improve at my advanced age (79) Thankyou Rory ,Rob Atkinson ,in Yorkshire .

Roddy says:

I mean what’s the point of asking for tips if none of them are gonna use it

Quinn Treanor says:

Rory touched him and he gained 30 yards😂

Daniel Ives says:

NO WAY that ball rolled 46 yards to reach 309 total… And I would take 280 down the middle , than 300 in the tree's..😁

Derick Nicholson says:

weekend golfer ? seems like they do it for a living lol

Brendan O'Shea says:

I wouldn’t exactly qualify ForePlay as weekend golfers… The only not a single-digit handicap is Trent, and even he has broken 100

Hakeem says:

Is that port it’s cameraman?

David Loughrey says:

264 carry, 309 total. Yet when the ball hit it rolled like 1.5 yards. Huh?????

Robert Hartzell says:

One tip and BOOM that ball was gone 👍

reginaldino enchillada says:

My goal is to make my golf boring.

Nathan Thomas says:

309 total??? My arse! Typical Taylormade 🐶💩

Alexx Kacev says:

I also stop my swing halfway. I hit most my drives around 300 yards plus. However having that full turn is so difficult for me, I've practiced it countless amounts of times and I really battle to hit the ball straight.

Michael Wilber says:

I'm sure if I played with him I'd learn too, I'm thinking everyone would. 🤔

chubeviewer says:

“Oh my god Rory’s touching me”

Juan Kulgai says:

No way was that first swing 106 or the second 112. Been playing for 30 years and he’s probably in the mid to high 90s

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