Rotate Your HIPS PROPERLY In The Golf Swing 🔄

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Athletic Motion Golf says:

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Matt says:

do you restrict the left hip?

Mike Abel says:

That little comment on "looking over the fence" at 2:45 is so helpful. Thanks you!

Gregory Edwards says:

This is a homerun for me. Thanks

18STRONG says:

What are the typical numbers you guys see for degrees internal rotation of the trail hip on backswing and lead hip at impact (and at the end posture of the swing) for the Pros?

MIchael Jones says:

Absolutely loved this and it made so much sense!!! Thank you the visual cues!

Marcus Clarke says:

Really like the new location. It feels less industrial and more classy. Great content 👍

Jim Gellein says:

Just tried this in the living room up against a smooth stanchion. Kept the rear end in contact throughout a super slow motion swing, taking the time to exaggerate the shallowing. It feels right.

TallCoolDrink says:

At impact, your left hip is still in "contact" with the "wall"?

timinno says:

This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen explaining hip rotation. Thanks chaps.

Marissa J Golf Fitness says:

Thanks guys!

Rob's Axe says:

When I do this drill, my right hip doesn't feel "deep." Can you define what deep means to you? I feel like my hip goes up and sightly back. Deep to me means back against the wall with more pressure than just "kissing" the wall, so to speak. When I just kiss the wall with my right hip, both cheeks can easily contact the wall coming through. Seems like the more subtle the better here.

george Tinwick says:

Oops sorry i needed to study the video more you do cover the recentering motion and its timing beautifully explained i think i finally got it tks Slow learner here uggh lol

george Tinwick says:

Where is the recentring move in this beautiful description iam so confused about this recentering move guessing many others are too tks

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