Cure Your Slice – Adjust Grip to Change Ball Flight

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In the next video of the Cure your Slice series, VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater demonstrates how adjusting your grip can influence the face of the club which in turn can either promote a slice of a draw.

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James Parker says:

Holy crap!so simple,fixed my slice….Wow

Tenni Yoe says:

Does this works for irons too? Great video!

Chulo0210 says:

After struggling for a few months I decided to view this video before my round this weekend and let me say thanks. Slice was gone after second drive and I score my lowest round(83) ever all cause the ball stayed in the middle of the fairway at 270-275 every shot. Thanks a million!

William Lees says:

Fantastic video. Loving the Golftec videos. I wish you were in the UK!

Toon Lad says:

My father in law told me to do this today and I couldn't see the logic…… now it makes sense lol

Will try this out tomorrow!

Muhammad Yasrab says:

Thanks a lot.
You fixed my slice ♥️

udy nara says:

Great we'll done

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