Ryder Cup Memories Lee Westwood

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Ryder Cup Memories Lee Westwood. Mark Crossfield chats with Lee Westwood about some of his Ryder Cup memories and best moments. Filmed at the Wales Open the week before the 2014 Ryder Cup Lee was in a relaxed spirit.

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Cian Lanigan says:

Hi Mark, long time fan of the channel but maybe when interviewing someone
as big a name as Lee Westwood try not to talk over him, it’s nothing to do
with you trying to hard to be wittier than Sky, but maybe are you slightly
nervous? Which is expected, just take a deep breath and keep up the good

The way you were calm during Callaway Talks made it a much more enjoyable
interview in my eyes. Thanks

Jonbek says:

Ryder Crup questions? 

TheDanbarian says:

Mark I like your vids etc and you seem like a good coach and very
knowledgable when it comes to golf, but please for the love of god let
people answer questions you ask them.

Garth Garthly says:

Nice to see Lee, one of the best. Great picture of the swing to open with.
How far back he is looking when he hits the drive!

crisisofconsciousnes says:

didn’t make that easy did he

Steve Evans says:

What amazes me about the pros’ driving is that their hips have almost
stopped moving at impact. Incredible stability. Then they rotate a bit more
after impact. Just like the K vest videos show. Slo mo is a great revealer.

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Ricky Gervais‏@rickygervais·31m
UK comedy fans, tonight at 10pm on Gold: The Office Training Day followed
by @LesDennis in Extras! Go & get the guitar

i_Mc says:

Good stuff MC looking forward to lots more Ryder cup vids! 

Brad Hilditch says:

Mark Crossfield: Lee whats your favorite memory..
Lee I mean Mark Crossfield: So lee next question..

Let people speak, remember the scotty cameron vid, my god please let people

paul hutchinson says:

Love Lee Westwood Legend on Twitter & Class golfer…. Love Mark
interviewing entertaining as ever… Lockey chipping in cool… Hey Mark
are you doing a golfing day out for viewers this autumn? 

Gerard Cusack says:

Nice work Mark, Tiger next I suppose? Rory maybe? I wish your Rory was
playing Ryder cup!! Hes been quite good lately !!

prorobo says:

Lee seems pretty cool here. Peter Uihlein on the other hand seems like he
couldn’t be bothered for his time.

Steven Murata says:

Mark, you are what you are! It was a good interview. Keep up the good work.

Hank Harmon says:

Mark, nice banter with a giant of golf. You did good but take the criticism
on the chin, bite your top lip and show some class. 

TheDanbarian says:

Haha for someone who gives advice for a living your not very good at taking
it lol

Strat TelePaul says:

It was inevitable that the Crossfield would meet the Westwood.

supergolfdude says:

I like Westy. Rooting for Team USA of course.

Scott Elliott says:

Jesus, stop talking over him mate. You’ve got Westie there so let him talk.

Steve Taylor says:

I see Your Golf Travel on Mr Westwood shirt.

Cian Lanigan says:

There was offence meant by my comment Mark, it was just a bit of
constructive criticism, can’t you appreciate that?

Doug Perry says:

Since Coach Lockey wasn’t a captains pick our chances are good, go USA

Michael QuirkLast says:

Good job mark, lee seems a little off 

TheDanbarian says:

Dude I like your quirkiness you seem like a good laugh and nice bloke but
just after you ask a question let people answer then be funny again

Gary Thompson says:

Hi Mark. I like the others really enjoy your videos(mostly the course
blogs) . They’re hilarious especially with “coach” locky. This vid was
slightly cringy when you interrupt him but it’s funny and something
different. Better than listening to the usual bs they are programmed to
say. Abit more winding up would be good, especially with the A-listers!

boratpausenot26 says:

nice one mark

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