26 thoughts on “SAY GOODBYE TO CHUNKY IRON SHOTS #golf #golfswing #golftips #golfcoach #golftip #golfshorts #tip

  1. Do you want me to buy you another vest? Cause you gotta europissin accent, youre probably on that side of the pond considering you only record in crap weather, and you were a Scottsdale Arizona vest in every. single. video. ??

  2. Have you tried Hank Haines Counter Slice Sequence? In just one simple drill it will permanently get rid of your massive slice, while also adding 30 yards distance onto your drives. He coached your pros like Mike O'Meara

  3. Why am I watching this? I injured both shoulders in a motorcycle accident in Thailand a few years ago and now I can no longer swing a club. Still wish I could play but at 68, it’s doubtful.

  4. That takeaway checkpoint I find to be very useful – I definitely have to make sure my takeaway to be "in plane". I can already feel the effects of this drill even without actually doing it. Brilliant stuff.

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