SAY GOODBYE TO CHUNKY IRON SHOTS #golf #golfswing #golftips #golfcoach #golftip #golfshorts #tip

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crazedturtle says:

Going to be hard to chunk it when you have it teed up like a princess like you.

fxcjr0521 says:

Damn he definitely did bad in Math! 😂

0411danielle says:

The ball is on a tee, of course he’s going to hit it, right?

Garbunkle says:

Damn dude, we got it, stop yelling at me. You're not my dad 😂

Robert Filaski [Alumni] says:

Just saying using a 7 iron to warm up or practice is never the move bc it’s the easiest club to hit in the bag

anshuman olympion says:

Tried ! Head cover flew farther than the ball 😅

anshuman olympion says:

Swaying of shoulders is the main culprit !

Jerry Bennett says:

How not to chunk a ball? Off of a tee? How about off of the ground?

Tm drives says:

Bro had a iron on a tee

Jimmy Lee Baker says:

Do you want me to buy you another vest? Cause you gotta europissin accent, youre probably on that side of the pond considering you only record in crap weather, and you were a Scottsdale Arizona vest in every. single. video. 😂😂

Your name here says:

Tbh, i just hit it and hope for the best 😂

Nico Fonte says:

this video with headphones on full blast scared the shit out of me

Brad Wilson says:

Take the head cover three club heads away, precedes to put the head cover at least twice that distance away 😂

fastmann owen says:

Really puts an emphasis on his p’s holyyyy..almost blew my speakers

John S says:

Don't try this at the driving range (unless it's your buddies head cover😊)

touristguy87 says:

Wtf does any of that have to do with chunking an iron shot?

Carlos Pena says:

Believe me it is most definitely not “THAT EASY!” Lol

Jojo Horvath says:


John Adams says:

Have you tried Hank Haines Counter Slice Sequence? In just one simple drill it will permanently get rid of your massive slice, while also adding 30 yards distance onto your drives. He coached your pros like Mike O'Meara

El Conquistador says:

If that's 3 head covers I have a 24" p*nis. Lmao 🤣😂

DS says:

These dumb tips is what screwed me up in my 1st try at golf,, just use a simpler approach

Humble Servant says:

Why am I watching this? I injured both shoulders in a motorcycle accident in Thailand a few years ago and now I can no longer swing a club. Still wish I could play but at 68, it’s doubtful.

Apollonius says:

Please dont be so loud, it obnoxious.
And that drill is not insane, its quite reasonable.

Phillip Oliver Holtz says:

Just hit balls. If you can't figure it out grab some bowls.

Josh Pierce says:

Yea that was atleast 5 clubbed lengths there hero

rocketrockets says:

That takeaway checkpoint I find to be very useful – I definitely have to make sure my takeaway to be "in plane". I can already feel the effects of this drill even without actually doing it. Brilliant stuff.

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