12 thoughts on “Have Golf Clubs REALLY Improved In The Last 20 YEARS!? SHOCKING TEST

  1. WASTED a lot of money on Ping G430 irons.. ended up selling them.. funny enough i have done this Twice!!! Bought a set of Ping irons to treat myself… really STUPID as both times i got rid because i was hitting them so inconsistantly … Think i have done it with the 5 wood too…..

  2. One thing you have to remember is that 20+ years ago, manufacturers didn't have access to "multi-material" technology to build clubs. To get the weight positioned on the club head, Ping created their easily recognizable shape. It took a major advancement of manufacturing technology for other club companies to catch up.

  3. Lol I watched this as I have been invited to play Golf next week with people from work and I haven't hit a ball in15-20 years.( But I said I'd go) I still had my clubs so I dug them out at the weekend And the only casualty was the moth eaten bag. (Thank goodness for ebay) I put them in the car as I had nowhere else to store them and took them to work.
    My boss wanted to look at them and described them as "Old Skool"
    I was worried that my Wilson Jumbo Driver might be too big.
    He laughed and said no it's really small compared to modern clubs and that his driver is at least twice the size.
    He also added If I can hit the ball straight with it he'll eat his hat!
    I will be taking tomatoe kechtup to make that task easier.
    What supprized me was how similar my clubs are shaped to these ping clubs.
    Mine are just some budget golf centre clubs I bought as my previous set were worn out.
    BTW my irons are 1, 3-9 PW SI and 1 ,3, 5woods When I last played there was no such thing as a hybrid. As for my Acushnet Brass Putter it looks like I stole it from a seaside crazy golf course.
    I'm not expecting much I'll be pleased if I can hit my driver straight ( very pleased in fact)

  4. great vid… so there's not much difference… especially when you have a well suited and modern shaft… will be keeping my Titleist 762's and upgrading the shafts instead of replacing the irons. Thank you for your vid!!

  5. I play my grandas Berrylium Cooper ping Eye 2s they feel softer than anything else I've swung.
    They should put the lofts on the bottom if clubs not a number. Then everyone would realise they're not hitting it miles further than the last generation. Its just their clubs have stronger lofts, longer shafts and new ball.

  6. Played some of my best golf on vacation with a family member's Big Bertha irons from the early 90s. Wish they would make a re-release with the modern tungsten tech and adjustable hosels. However, it's not really the irons that have improved— it's the balls.

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