Scoop de poop front nine!! PGA Championship Qualifier Review – Delamere Forest

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Scoop de poop front nine!! PGA Championship Qualifier Review – Delamere Forest

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chris chambers says:

all in all golf is a damn hard game

Billy Stephens says:

can you play Kiwah Island

Balance says:

The most boring/annoying thing to hear is someone in the clubhouse going through their round in detail…..why would someone sit and watch this ?sorry pete I like your vlogs but this is same same same excuses same type of scores.You will not make it to the open at your level so just be realistic about your golf.

Rob Biles says:

You sound like me last Saturday Pete.  Was nailing my drives, not bad with my approaches but couldn't putt to save myself. I didn't have any birdies to bring back though. Oh well there's always this Saturday.

Howie Land says:

Great comeback, Pete, after such a bad start!

mark turner says:

Won't be long before you are there mate

Malcolm Topple says:

Pete have you compared playing a comp without using the app, I use the app and its great but its time consuming and distracting in a comp in my opinion. I play better when I don't need to be distracted with looking at my phone and remembering to enter the details. Especially when putting. Thoughts ?

Enrique Hernandez says:

I blame those bright shorts!

daniel c says:

Have you ever thought of trying to contact someone like Joseph Parent? would love to see you work with someone like that with your putting. would make for a great series to see if that could help. tee to green is strong as anyone and if we can get putts dropping then lookout!!!!!! just my airchair advise but technique seen fine just wondering if its more mental?? maybe some like Joseph (or anyone alike) would be interested in doing some vlogs working with you???? i for one would love to watch it!

stuart hayes says:

Chipping and putting is where it's at. I'm a high handicap , played on a college no cut team and that's what my coaches said. Played the first time Friday lots of 2 putts which saved me a lot of strokes but didn't hit many greens on approach shots. They cost me seems like you need to look at the 150 and in range of your game.

Jay Chung says:

Love the positivity & optimism Pete. Definitely a lot of good things to take from that round, especially the way you rebounded from 9 onwards. That could not have been easy to do after what, 7 bogies from 8 holes…WHILE driving it beautifully? I’d have been a basket case. This final 10 hole stretch should be a “bankable” positive moment that’ll keep paying off down the road

s g says:

Your putting problems surprise me. You are usually a strong putter.

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

Great evaluation Pete! I guessed the score right on IG ?

Kevin Queen says:

Doing some math over here: You had 2.75 putts per GIR, or you were -6.18 putting strokes lost today. Given that you had a bogey on a par 5 & did not play your par 3's even, looking at your other comp rounds, I'd say you've got to focus on hitting more greens in reg. that has really been your apperent achilies heal not your putting. I think get your GIR up and the putts will follow, if nothing else think of it this way had you been 100% GIR then you'd have been 3 under for the round with 33 putts.

James Littler says:

Love Delamere.

Daniel Hendricks says:

i didnt know you could qualify for the pga championship, i thought that, the us open, and the british open was the only 2 majors you could qualify for

Chris Hopper says:

Decent back 9 pal.
Did you have a caddy today? Ha.
Love that jacket/hat combo btw.

Jason Stiwald says:

So be honest Pete… is that Fender just there for decoration? 😉

Josh Clark says:

Went from one of my worst competitive rounds on Saturday to my best competitive round today. Snagged my first high school top ten. How strange golf can be eh?

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