This is a great senior golf tip explaining the 2 keys for more distance. Even if you aren't a senior golfer make sure you watch this tip and remember it because one day you will be.

The one thing all senior golfers want is more distance yet few ever get it. I'm here to tell you that you can get more distance no matter how old you are.

The main problem for seniors is they lose flexibility as they age. This lack of flexibility causes all sorts of other problems which rob you of distance. Even though you lose flexibility, there's a way around that if you focus on these 2 keys. They will which put you in a better position at the top of the backswing allowing you to create a more powerful position which you can apply to both driver and irons.

So if you're a senior golfer don't think you can't get more distance. All you have to do is understand these 2 keys and make sure you get them in your swing. Once you do, you will finally start to see your distance increase which will turn back the hands of time.

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  1. since i been doing this i just hit ball like 280 to 300 i said that plenty far enough to do complete turn an follow through to make me have pro looking swing now just by lifting my heel not think about my head nothing keep eye on ball an follow through.i do them drill half way over an over when i loose to bad shoot on course that really was game changer to me

  2. Great tip Paul, I am in my 70s and two artificial hips, I found this to be a great demonstration for my improvement! Look forward to trying this on next bucket of balls at the range!

  3. Having watched a load of your videos I felt hope but couldn't quite get my head around it all.

    This video has 100% cleared it up for me. I was using my legs but not allowing my shoulders to follow naturally so the whole movement was terrible.

    Having watched this video it all just fell into place. I move the weight and legs to allow the shoulders to follow and finally I'm not thinking about the arms. Just thinking about twisting at the hips and allowing the shoulders to follow through with a hinge at the end.
    You make it so easy to follow, thank you very much!

  4. Its so counterintuitive! The ball goes straight, far and with no strain. Once you practice it enough you know when you added muscle because the ball goes shorter!

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