Increase Distance – Senior Golf – Turn Cheats

Golf -Increase distance – Senior golf – Turn cheats . Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to get the best turn in senior golf. He shares some great cheats to get you turning better and maximise your distance.


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Alistair has all the credentials to be the very best instructor for any golfer. It all ends right here on this channel.

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9 thoughts on “Increase Distance – Senior Golf – Turn Cheats

  1. Alistair. That set-up staggered and right foot flared should also help to stop sway, which is not bad thing amongst higher and medium handicapper. Good idea well explained.

  2. This tutorial introduced me Golf swing classes. They utilize essential information such as your arm length, height, shoulder width, and club length to make a model suitable for you. Through the lessons in the guide, I am able to lower my handicap to 15 from 22 in a year. You can research this book by Google. The name is Logan Ballοyshot
    Take care

  3. Sorry Alister this only creates thin and fat shots , the one you just did ? There is no reason why as a senior you cannot transfer your weight to their lead leg through impact. I recommend you whoch the Easiest golf swing by Brian Spark's or Julian Mellor. Like your other videos thow.?

  4. There is this myth in the golf teaching that turning your hips in the backswing and straithening your right leg should be bad for distance, speed and aim.

  5. Thx. From a senior…Al, on the downswing try the following: push your right hand to your right pinkie and pull your left hand toward your left pinkie….see what this does for your arm swing and release. Again thx for thinking about seniors and their lack of flexibility….tom

  6. This will be put into action during tomorrow's practice session,I appreciate and enjoy the old concept of explanation,demonstration and application,your videos are exemplary for their brevity and clarity,thank you.

  7. I'll work on that Alistair, it pretty good info.,unfortunately I've just had an opp.on my shoulder so nothing doing for at least 5/6weeks. Oh well it is Christmas and winter.

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