Setup 4 Impact Golf compared to the Moe Norman Single Plane Golf Swing

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Today I compare my Setup 4 Impact Golf method to the Moe Norman Single Plane golf swing. I learned the Moe Norman swing starting back in 1996 and played and taught it for over 15 years.

I taught for the Natural Golf Corporation for around 7 years. They were teaching very similarly to Moe's swing, but also allowed for customization.

I also taught for the Graves Golf Academy from 2014 to 2017. They use Moe as a model for their teaching and there is no room for customization within it. So each customer must setup and match exactly the way Moe held the club and every move he made in the golf swing. This means basically learning a completely new golf swing.

Since 1997 I also taught my own version of the Single Plane golf swing which was also called Single Axis golf by some. I always customized the concept for each person and was very successful with my customers. Some always struggled though so I continued to find ways to help more and more customers improve. In 2013 I created the first version of my Setup 4 Impact Golf swing which was called the Minimalist single plane swing. This swing was very helpful at helping lifelong slicers of the ball and those who could not make any decent contact all improve quite quickly.

Since then and over the past few years I have put together a system that is helping golfers all over the world improve faster than any method that I have ever seen and I have taught many of them. The method is fully customizable and can help golfers of any level improve their game very, very quickly. For more info please visit

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Improve at golf fast. Setting up for Impact changes your swing for the better. My setup 4 Impact Single Plane golf method makes it easier to hit any golf shot. It is based on a simple setup change which helps you play better your next time out. Thousands of people have followed this advice over the past 20 years with success. Now boiled down to it's most simple form. Just Setup 4 Impact it is the easiest golf swing for seniors or anybody who wants to improve their game. You can sign up for my free video email series with 100 video lessons at

Upcoming “Setup 4 Impact” Single Plane golf Schools will be using Video feedback plus FlightScope X3 shot analysis.

School schedule can be found at

The Setup 4 Impact golf method can be fully customized to fit your own personal needs without the need for special golf clubs.

Kirk has taught golf for 33 years now. That includes many years of conventional golf. He taught for many years for Natural Golf Corporation, Single Axis golf, and the Moe Norman Single plane golf swing for Todd Graves and the Graves Golf Academy. He currently teaches his Single Plane Setup 4 Impact swing which has many similarities to all of the above. The big difference is that Kirk fits the swing to each individual golfer.

Improve at golf with this easy to learn Single Plane golf swing. Which is similar to the swing of Bryson DeChambeau.


ken edick says:

Your best video yet.

c c says:

Hi Kirk, I've been playing as a +4 index for a couple years, I think you hit the nail on the head and it's kinda what I teach now. I teach 3 things: 1. Do you feel athletic and comfortable, 2. Can you get to your impact position that you feel strongest at, and 3. Are you nice and balanced and not feel like it's a lot of effort.

I'm doing better avoiding rigid teachings and sticking with comfortable athletic golf, unique swings belong to unique people and that's okay.

Timothy Prentice says:

Kirk could you please do a series where you take us on a round with you on a known course and play 18 holes with shot tracer? I think a lot of us would love to see the setup4impact swing demonstrated in such a way! I've no doubt you'd shoot a good score

South Beau says:

You are a master my friend.

Krisi Boren says:

I agree. I could not ball strike that far away and hit it as far. Then I got closer to the ball and wow! That ok?

James Belkin says:

I took Moe's advice to learn my own swing. I have taken what he does but added my own flavor to it.

Rico Mazzola says:

Tried Graves method and Kirk's method. Kirk explains the differences very well here. Graves admits that there is a limitation and that is his goal.

Nandu Shevade says:

He speaks from heart and experience, useful clip as he speaks of common sense golf

Kreg Wesley says:

Great video. Your approach has improved my game overnight. Thank you for your great advice!!

Nathan Rofail says:

Love this video. I've been trying to copy Moe using Todd's videos for awhile now and I've had some success but I feel like I've just gotten worse the more I try to exactly copy him.
I have a question for you, Kirk. My irons are fit to me according to the Graves Golf free online club fitting (it didn't affect the length of my irons but my lie angle changed). I'm wondering if I need to change the lie angle again back to standard for the S4I swing? Thanks so much!

Timon says:

Hi Kirk where are you located in Germany I am from Belgium i want to learn Setup for impact at you're school

Kent Bernard says:

Your swing concept is aligned to what I settled on 15 years ago. Single plane made since, but I could never get comfortable with the ridged stance, etc. So, developed my "blended" single plane swing. That and Lee Trevino alignment tip of "Aim Left, Swing Right, Walk Straight" cure my slice.

David Lester says:

I appreciate your approach to teaching the single plane swing. I am 75 and I've had three back surgeries, the last one was a fusion of the whole spine from the thoraciac vertebrae thru the lumbar vertabrae. Believe it or not I am able to swing the golf club and make decent contact using the single plane technique. One thing I focus on is the takeaway which requires I let the rotation about the spine take the club away straight along the correct plane and return it to the correct contact hitting position. Also the fact you don't stress that the feet be so far apart and the trailing foot can come up at the end of the swing makes a great difference. Thanks for the tips.

Glen A Spoor says:

I have a question as regarding the grip I see that some people use a larger grip is that the case. I have small hands and use a small Cadet glove… and I'm wondering if using a larger grip or at least a slightly larger grip would be a benefit for this swing comments please!!

Crisis Hope says:

Do you do lessons?

Sassy Keys says:

Hi Kirk,

I have a question regarding raising the hands at setup. Is there a danger here of having the club sitting on the toe? Does that negatively affect the impact i.e. the ball goes right? Thanks so much for the videos. You're my favourite single swing plane YT coach so far as you take a much more individualised approach.

Steve Smith says:

Kirk i am getting pain in my Left wrist using the single plane swing, i was wondering if the L/H grip is too weak and upright does that put too much pressure on the wrist?
Also why am i hooking the ball so much?

Alexander Hamilton says:

Kirk, I’m 67 (hdcp 7) and have had a single plane my whole life. I recently discovered your videos and enjoy them very much. Moe was a regular at our golf club in the ‘60’s and i played with him a lot along with the asst pro, so I quess I get my swing honestly from him. My one plane looks very much like yours. I’d like to send it to you for comparison once I figure out how lol. Where can I send it to get your feedback?

Robert Donner says:

Have been doing moe’s swing switching to you have given back distance and accuracy. Much improvement. Thanks Kirk

Peter Trevor says:

Great video I have loads of problems with my back but this looks like it will ease it for me thanks

Kevin Lahey says:

Kirk…where do you buy your grips and what is the Brand? Kevin PS….I live in Ontario Canada.

styx b says:

Tried to copy moe swing, blew my Left knee out from keeping it bent, your swing is s much easier Kurt.

Yogi Magic says:

WTF you talk shit about others and then you come up with an other concept. so so dump

Mark Powers says:

Hi Kirk, found your channel and your method appears to be easier than GGA. I to was not consistent with GGA. Somedays great, other days always a push to the right and could not fix it. i hope this will help help with the push slice. I was wondering if you could show us the Setup 4 Impact method using a driver? could you do a video like that on the channel and show us how to determine the proper distance with the club from the body and impact, release, ect in face on and down the line in slow mo. Thanks Mark

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