Seve Putting Tips

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From the renowned instructional video The Short Game. Here Seve explains the fundamentals of his technique and more importantly shares his thoughts and insights on this aspect of the game.

Seve Ballesteros – The Short Game is available to purchase here:


Golf Greer says:

I based my putting stroke off of this and I am a damn good putter now.

Gary Schinagel says:

To much. Check out Brad Faxons putting drills.

Rob Saxe says:

That last bit of film from the open is priceless. He was an amazing person.

iq mian says:

Much respect to the legend who was willing to teach and share his gift unlike some who dont bother

e james says:

this is like ted kennedy teaching you how to drive a car…..

Mark Greer says:

Putting takes all the fun out of golf.

Inaki Legorburu says:

We miss you Seve. Interesting to note that even the great players are subject to differences between feel and reality. He feels that his head is directly above the ball, but in reality he is a couple of inches behind the ball, studying the line from slightly behind the ball. Or are my eyes deceiving me?

brianmcg321 says:

Will someone please fix the tracking!!

An Absolute Bossanova says:

my putting video is so simple and effective. please give it a try people only 45 seconds!

Sky View Trading says:

Same exact putter grip I use! Nice vid.

LYCANSS999 says:

+chuckwalla Second guessing one of the greatest putters in the history of the game? Ask the one who taught you that, how many majors he has won!

Kyle Lapp says:

windiest putting lesson of my life

Kevin Rikerdson says:

Great share here thanks

fradaja says:

can't rememeber him ever having trouble with the putter

Serge Roseau says:

forget all other drills , tose ones all far more clear

Robbie Flower says:

Legend, thanks for the upload! 😉

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