Should You Use a Hybrid? Or a 5-Wood?

Should you use a hybrid or a 5 wood? ONE has to go right? it is a big decision to get the correct fairway wood and hybrid in your golf bag. One of the big question in golf right now which gol club should you use?? or should you just use your driver?

Alex Elliott Golf shows you which golf clubs should mid handicap golfers use? what about high handicap golfers? and which are the best clubs for beginners? In this video we look at the difference on the cobra RAD speed 5 wood and the COBRA F9 Hybrid.

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24 thoughts on “Should You Use a Hybrid? Or a 5-Wood?

  1. I only use a 3 wood off the tee depending on the course I won't carry a driver. I have an old ram 7 wood that I absolutely love but I've just bought a couple of hybrids for the first time but only hit them at the range.

  2. When you can hit a 5 wood 285 carry off of the tee…it probably doesn't matter what other high end club you carry, because you probably won't be hitting it very often regardless. For us plebes…it matters a lot. I hit my DRIVER 250 on a good day…I am constantly pulling 3 wood out on par 5s to set up an approach into a green above 500 yards. I carry both 5 wood and 4 hybrid. I dumped the 60 and 56 in favor of a 58' loft for wedges.

  3. I bought the stealth+ 4 rescue just to fill a gap i needed in my bag. I run:

    Driver: 10.5⁰
    3w: r15 set to 16.5⁰
    4r: 22⁰
    6h: 28⁰
    Irons: 4i, 6i, 8i, 9i
    Wedges: 48⁰, 52⁰, 56⁰, 60⁰
    Chipper: 42⁰

    I'm not replacing my 4i or 3w, I just need a heavier club to get out of the absolute broccoli that my area likes to call "the rough rough", lol. ????

  4. just under 300 yards with the 5 wood, find that hard to believe mate… I'm normally a fan but that's not setting the right expectations in my eyes.

  5. I’ve gone 5w, 7w & 4 hybrid. Good gapping and makes the rounds more enjoyable. It took me decades to drop 3w & 3 & 4 irons. Great decision.

  6. I swapped my 3h for a 5w. I hit the 5w so well I may be able to drop my 3w. My 4i is a 20.5 degree and I have no trouble hitting flush strikes with it. I tried to like hybrids, but I had trouble controlling their direction.

  7. 5 wood equivalent too 3 hybrid y’all and 4 wood equivalent too 2 hybrid 3 wood no hybrid is equivalent too just as 3 wood isn’t equivalent too driver . It’s just the shorter clubs are easier too control

  8. Personally I carry 9 degree driver, 15 degree 3 metal, a 19 degree hybrid and a 22 degree hybrid next is my 5 iron. Always have. No way you get good results hitting a 3 metal from the rough but off the tee or fairway ????. I will hit either hybrid off the tee biased on distance. That’s just me! Golf is All About personal preference feel and confidence. I personally chip and pitch with a 64degree wedge. Unheard of????

  9. I love to smash my taylormade sim 2 max 3 wood, I find my 3 and 4 hybrid are too close in distance, so I am considering either a 5 wood or 17 degree 2 hybrid,

  10. I stay away from hybrids. I like traditional yet with the newer tech how could one go wrong with modern woods. Currently running 1W9.5°, 5W 18°, 4i 23°…. Contemplating to add a 7W. Save my irons for ITR shots. Someone was using a 9W and could use it as a chipshot as well… very versatile.

  11. Hybrid always out of the rough. 5 wood mostly always from the fairway unless I want to flight it down or on a hard fairway I want it to run in those instances I use my hybrid.

  12. I don't hit very far with the driver…usualy 200-220, but usually find the fairway. What I need is a reliable club that can eat up a distance on those long Par4 or two more shots on those Par5. So should I pack a 3W or 5W? (right now, I am using a 3H for these 2nd and 3rd shots on longer holes).

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