Simple driver golf swing set up trigger

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Ryan Campbell says:

Triangle shape …… Best I can do is round

Mayfam6 says:

Great video. Check out my 7 year old golfer

Paulie Walnuts says:

How about telling us directly what the actual trigger was?? 🤔

Dmkfactor says:

As always, thank you Mark for the simple quick tip for us!

Jason Hughes says:

You made a hint sometime back about hovering the driver or placing in on the deck. I've typically placed it on the deck trying to really line it up behind the ball, but I see you seem to get the feel of it hovering behind the ball. Except for bunker shots where you cannot ground the club, most other shots (not off the tee) are with the club grounded.

Would love to see a video explaining the thought, feel, etc. between grounding and hovering the driver behind the ball on the tee. And have you always hovered the driver???

Jonathan Mayes says:

Do ping ever make a bad club ? Ha ha what do I win 😂 nice review mark. Keep them coming.

Everyday Riders says:

G’Day Mark, was just watching Rory ( the real one, not the “ 7 hcp “ one ) swinging in slow motion, could you discuss his squat at the top of his back swing? All Good Bruh.

Aaron Zide says:

I would like to see a short about swing angles between driver, irons, and wedges.

Robert Herring says:

Great advice but even better than that is the smooth club twirl at the end!

jason starek says:

I’ve had far too much Scotch to actually listen to this.

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